Reflection Essay Example on Organizational Culture

Published: 2022-07-20 16:04:30
Reflection Essay Example on Organizational Culture
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Organizational culture denotes beliefs, observable assumptions and unobservable features which carry the weight of the value of association of employees and customers of a particular organization. According to Hartnell, Ou, and Kinicki (2011), the levels of culture in any organization are mostly enhanced through the inclination of artifacts which make every personnel to strengthen their connection with other employees as a way of influencing espoused and enacted values. As an employee in one of the healthcare organizations, I discovered that the facility faces a challenge of understaffing, but it always maintains a humanly groomed culture that upholds diligence (Zheng, Yang, and McLean, 2010). The organizational culture at ABC is also responsible for improving the possible outcomes of the patients concerning valuing possible services offered in the facility. Additionally, the ABC facility aims at improvement of the consequences of patients thus assessing the services provided at the elderly nursing home. The facility ensures that the organization's culture is the 'doing for' term which involves the application of the middle range theory. Maintaining and enabling beliefs are among the five processes that ABC Long-term care takes as the important culture since they are in line with Swanson's middle range theory.

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The Organizational Relationship of ABC Facility to its Environment

ABC facility values the environment as a way of improving customer satisfaction with all services provided. The acoustic environment that is part of the objective of the facility motivates working at ABC. The organization focuses on continual growth as it offers a chance for the employees to allude to extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. As a healthcare facility, the organization enhances the handling of patients through employing qualified staff who keep the functional curve growing (Zheng, Yang & McLean, 2010). The organization values its environment and customer satisfaction to the point that it urges its stakeholders and employees to focus on honesty, confidentiality, respect, discretion, and integrity. The organizational culture aims at enhancing patients' satisfaction by enhancing the association created by the employees. For that matter, the organizational vision and mission statement shape the employees lives as a way of influencing their overall work. As a way of enhancing its environment, the organizational relationship with patients is affiliated with the top trending technology which enhances the operations of employees and doubles up their service. Some approaches aim at developing incentives which target at keeping the employees motivated. At ABC facility, employees are considerate at enhancing their outcome records as a way of enhancing patient's satisfaction.

Nature of Human Activity

The facility maintains a workable organizational culture through maintaining working towards enhancing the service of the employees as a way of satisfying customers and patients with exceptional services. The employees and customers are regarded to be the facility's central function. There is an active nature of the human activity as the facility aims at becoming the leading service provider. The culture of the organization always considers the moral incentive plan to be the critical component towards enhancing the most required human activity (Zheng et al., 2010). The Organization's mission statement, objectives in conjunction with the current and top-trending technology enhances the employees live at the organization thus makes them double up their service. The cutting edge of the elderly's health is what constitutes the right incentives that the facility develops and incentives to keep the employees motivated.

Nature of Reality and Truth

According to the ABC facility, the definition of what is right and what is not true is mostly outlined through the analysis of theories that constraint employees to adhere to the right way of practice. For instance, the facility considers care as one of the paradigms necessary for the growth of the organization (Schein, 2014). The performance outcomes measure is the reality that is emphasized in the facility. For that matter, employees are considerate at enhancing their outcome records as a way of improving patient's satisfaction. In most cases, the truth concerning the quality of service at the facility is measured with the outcomes of a survey that the patients fill after a service (Zheng et al., 2010). The facility aims at enhancing the reality of care to allude to the process of nurturing an individual to meet the personal sense of responsibility and commitment. There is an analysis of role-related actions and conditions that aim at constraining the customers to ethically proven truth concerning their health. However, the organization avoids causing harm to the emotional health of the customers and patients with harsh reality and truth concerning their health.

The Nature of Human Relationships

The facility that I offer my service is affiliated with compassion and care as the fundamental and core value of its culture since dealing with the elderly an individual must be satisfied with the incentives, benefits, and rewards that accompany their service. In maintaining that aspect as part and fundamental objective of the organization's culture, ABC facility ensures that its employees are treated well as an extrinsic motivation that sparks the intrinsic motivation that is reflected on the service that the employees offer to the elderly clients (Schein, 2014). Consequently, the organization takes remuneration and financial incentives as the central and significant part of the desired organizational culture. Since the manager and his stakeholders believe that if employees are treated importantly and royally, they will reflect whatever is given to them to the clients, the organization, therefore, offers perks that employees want.

ABC facility is glued to ensuring that it provides relevant and motivational incentives. The motivational incentives are made to align with aspects that ensure that its employees are emotionally and physically related to offering the desired service to the clients visiting the facility. Another factor is that the health of the facility's employees comes before the tasks they are deemed to offer. For that matter, the organization aims at providing highly developed dental checkups for both the full-time and part-time employees to keep boost their enthusiasm.

The facility also values analysis of the verbal texts that patients communicate while being offered a service. For that matter, the facility applies Swanson's level IV caring classics to ensure that they offer the best service to the elderly patients. In most instances, the organization directs caring to ensure that the patient's moral values are safeguarded thus avoiding causing harm to their beliefs and their social well-being by avoiding any malicious caring practices. The culture of the stakeholders involves offering an extensive caring nursing practice that focuses on the patient thoughts, knowing the patient's feeling and contextually to comfort the elderly ones who are under therapeutic methods. The employees of the organization ensure that all the elderly clients attending the facility obtain the best service and care logistics. In addition, the stakeholders maintain the culture of making sure that caring entails the capability that values each other's role-related actions, consequences, and conditions. Additionally, the organization upholds the level IV caring logistics that include but not limited to sustaining the faith of the patient, maintaining the belief of both the nurse and client thus enabling the clients to face the meaning of life. Also, the nurses and all the stakeholders keep on striving to get the precise understanding of any events and the sense of all the things that the elderly patients under nursing logistics have ever taken part.

Diversity Vs. Homogeneity

Since the organization employs people with diverse culture, the organization ensures that the culture outlines the importance of maintaining a shared feeling, emotional activeness and presence of the employees at all times. I happen to work with employees from diverse backgrounds. The aspect provides a platform for enhancing communication and collaboration with the current mode of communication (Schein, 2014). Homogeneity is not considered in the facility as the culture upholds diversity in all ways possible. Another aspect that enhances the element of difference is the 'doing for' term which involves the application of the middle range theory. The organizational culture of ABC facility alludes to the specification of the fact that nurses need to do things that they would expect to be done to them by someone (Zheng, Yang, and McLean, 2010). For that matter, diversity management involves encouraging patients to work with their best way possible and with their top sober minds. Additionally, all the aspects that are taken during the nursing process are directed towards comforting and preserving the dignity of the elderly patients at the organization. The culture in the organization is affiliated with the required social consensus as it employs according to the need for diverse backgrounds. Additionally, the facility engages in continued education for its employees as a way of imparting the required organizational culture among the employees.


In summation, it is true that ABC facility is concerned with acceptable organizational culture and diversity in all the approaches of the employees of the company. It has been found out that the truth and reality in the operation of the facility are connected to the realization that the organization's culture is connected towards ensuring that both the client and the employees are satisfied. On the other hand, the organization's culture is concerned with enhancing all possible suitable approaches towards strengthening interpersonal collaboration that promotes the cooperation of multiple disciplines. The organizational culture is also responsible for improving the possible outcomes of the patients concerning valuing possible services offered in the facility.

On the other hand, ABC facility aims at improvement of the outcomes of patients thus valuing the services offered at the elderly nursing home. It is also evident that the interpersonal collaboration in the facility enhances health care services concerning nurse-patient activities. The reason is related to the dependency of healthcare with the interconnections of disciplines for clinical assistance. Another organizational culture that is highly valued in ABC healthcare facility is the aspect of focusing on performance outcome as part of the organization's culture. Much is also considered like upholding practices that congratulate employees on every excellent service that they offer to the patients in writing since it is the best way to spark motivation.


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