Does Anyone Deserve a Raise? A Debate on Cost Reduction and Profit Levels - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-15
Does Anyone Deserve a Raise? A Debate on Cost Reduction and Profit Levels - Essay Sample
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Does anyone deserve a raise? The reason for the increase at work is high living standards and economic growth. The extra money helps employees to fulfill their needs. It is also inspiring (Mobasshera, 2018). The organization, on the other side, has low labor costs and thus enhances its production. But increasing is not usually feasible. The employer, for instance, can fight low-profit levels. Almost every business, country and government preaches cost reduction based on a cost-control plan, with the global recession. You may want to remember that I have been the best employee in my area of cost administration for the past two years because you do not forget that you directed us to save costs while doing our work. This only demonstrates that I am aware of what you asked us to do. Even if income is less, sometimes an average compensation for a particular position is charged by others (Cebulla, 2020). This makes it difficult for employees to raise without convincing the employer of their worth. This piece is intended to convince my boss to raise me.

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My job currently is one of the essential aspects of my life. The achievement of many of the goals you set for me has shown this. I listened carefully to anything you could tell me and valued your authority. I have never been late at work; six days of the week, I've always been able to balance my work and keep my inner customers satisfied, regardless of how busy we are. You should also tell me about a new career and let me find out. If I have been assigned a particular mission, I must do it to ensure that I please customers. I can make sure I get there as fast as I have room in my hand as you tell me to do it.

First, I have carried out some studies that support a raise. I have outpaced my job standard. You have employed me, for example, as a regular worker, but I have proven that I can supervise my coworkers under your guidance. When an employee is given a job, they should be increased according to Indrasari (2018). The point appeals to logos because this is a logical argument. I have deliberated to ensure sure I reviewed our financial statements with our business. I have proof of our success, and I think our industry will happily satisfy my development without losses. Mobasshera (2018) advocates for an individual's failure to allow a raise while the company does not succeed. I considered this because I love my business, and I want our success as an organization to be realized. I have a folder that describes my achievements to support my premises. I have issued my greetings, awards, letters, and texts that merit an increase. I have described specific challenges that our company has been able to navigate. I also received evidence of customers I took to the firm. This argument is legal, psychological, and logistic. That is because, as the company thrives, it becomes reasonable to compensate employees equally well. It would also cater to empathy as staffs are pleased as their business thrives. If the business can afford it, it makes sense to apply for a raise.

Second, my pay at the same position in another business is smaller than that of other employees. I contrasted my salaries, and my wages are substantially low with the other employees in the same position as our competitive business. I attached my sleep for pay and the rest of the other workers working in another organization. I have measured your working hours, allowances, and other benefits like a gift voucher, and my average pay is still below yours. I function for you with modesty. Yet the remuneration of many staff becomes more inspiring. This is because; I work just as hard as they do, if not more. My productivity tells all of this. This argument appeals to ethics because employees are unethical. Please think about improving my pay and those of other employees.

Thirdly, I seek a raise because when I was working, I have gained expertise. I've got new abilities, too. I have learned the knowledge over the years that help me to deliver reliable and timely services. As a business, this through our income. It's also accurate that when I was hired, I took six short courses. I am confident more than when I came with new skills. Most staff is motivated to develop different things by knowing where they are born. Conversely, I am not permitted to increase the other workers, as it is not related to currency valuation, will not conflict with acquiring new skills. In addition to learning new skills, training costs. It calls for logic and pathology. It makes sense to develop a talent that earns you money and gives you the best version. It attracts emotion because you are glad when you receive a reward for hard work. It is also disappointing to learn a new skill and not to have a monetary gain.

Fourth, I will discuss my rise. My statement is based on objective evidence, which I would like to lift. In pursuing a realistic boost program, I am modest. I recognize that the change may be time-consuming. But getting the increase as I demanded might not be feasible. For example, in seven months, I'm willing to take 80% of my raise and 20%. The business will, therefore, be adjusted to a new salary. Cokyasar et al. (2019) say that the rise in increments is higher than the change in intervals. I, too, believe my continued loyalty and productivity will be driven by a great deal to get a raised share.

I am pleased with my career, I love my work, and I'm inspired to get the tests. I'm the type of guy you don't like delegating jobs to me. I want to work while I am in the workplace, so I'm occupied. Much of the time, if I think something has to be finished, you don't have to mention something to me. I'm always easy to pick on, and all you order me to do is teach me once, which I'll be doing from then on. I make sure I get there when you order me to do it directly.

I give preference and do first what is most necessary. I agree that I have several attributes of leadership. It is difficult to display these values without strong teamwork and a healthy mindset. I'm polite and still try to get along with my coworkers. And if I don't get along with certain people on the job, I hold my thoughts to myself. As an individual, I respect my colleagues with unique ideas. If it helps to get the job done, I can take critical feedback from anyone. Even if the report is terrible, I say the facts. With you or some of my friends, I never disagreed. I believe in dissent and regard for the views of others. I'm a team player, friendly and respectful of everyone I encounter. With strong attendance and energy, I have several other excellent personal qualities, such as leadership and hard work. I do an excellent job because I have a mission to see the work completed. I'm in charge of my activities and of the work I do.

I am usually the first person on the job and the last person to quit, so I know I'm prepared not to get there until the last minute, should there be a question to fix. And more staff come late or on schedule and don't have room to cope with a problem before a crisis occurs. I always try to plan my issues after working time, for example, my doctor's appointments. I guess I have to devote something to my work and there shouldn't be much like that. First, I retain the company. Anything I can do to satisfy the consumer is what I'm going to do.

I am thankful to your organization for the chance to work, and I enjoy it. I assume you believe I am an essential part of your team and have reached several business targets in the five years I've worked with you. I intend to operate on the first payment, which we decided to five years earlier, though. As I know, after five years, we decided to renegotiate my payment on the grounds of my successes, and the period was coming. Provided my accomplishments and according to our arrangement, I respectfully request an immediate salary rise of 6%, and, as stated before, I believe I am entitled to this raise.

In conclusion, I deserve to be raised and hope to have it. This raise would inspire me to work hard. It will also allow me to afford a better life. I am also glad to be adequately compensated. It was, therefore, raising workplace revenue and maximizes the company's result. My argument is backed by facts such as the income gain of my business and my success and the reward sleep of a comparable company employee.


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