Paper Example. Dimensions of Wellness

Published: 2023-10-10
Paper Example. Dimensions of Wellness
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A lifestyle where there is little or no physical activity is termed a sedentary lifestyle. While engaged in an event such as reading, socializing, playing video games, using a mobile phone or computer, or watching television, such a person does these activities while sitting or lying down. Ill health and many preventable causes of death are contributed by a sedentary lifestyle.

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Sedentary lifestyles start earlier; research has shown that the inactivity of the youth as compared to that of a sixty-year-old. Health-wise, a sedentary lifestyle comes along with diseases such as mental stress, heart problems, and cancer increased risk. It also affects the brain in ways such as disorders related to mental health and weight. It also contributes to mood swings. To tackle the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, it is recommended that individuals regularly exercise.

FITT gets showcased in the aspect of frequency when one makes a schedule on a plan on how they exercise. Also, the rate depends on how hard one is working, the type of workout one is doing, apply goals, and the individual's fitness level. For instance, we have the cardio workouts carried out when one is determined to lose weight. The second aspect of FITT is the intensity that gets determined during exercises how one works hard. For example, in cardio workouts, one gauges the strength by keeping tabs of the talk test, perceived exertion, heart rate, or just a combination.

The third aspect is the Time. How long one works during an exercise is also a necessary procedure. Mostly 30 to 60 minutes of cardio workouts gets advices (Gabbert). Lastly is the type of exercise one carries out; to avoid weight loss plateaus or overuse injuries, one uses this principle to manipulate.

The provided information is dealing with the reduction of chronic diseases. For instance, regular exercises will prevent the risk of a heart attack as well as depression. It also helps tackle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, dementia, anxiety, and many types of cancer ( Gabbett). Physical health gets boosted by exercising regularly as well as encouraging metabolism and offering cardio protective benefits.

Research suggests that 21 percent of people that are adults perform regular exercise (Gabbett). It also indicates that reduce in metabolism and impairment of the body's ability to control blood sugar levels gets extended with periods of inactivity. Like for instance, the risk of early death gets increased with those associated with a sedentary lifestyle. There's also the risk of mental health being negatively affected. Growth and development in today's children get determined by their behaviors and traits, genetics, academic performances, and physical and cognitive abilities.

Today children have a higher body mass and weigh more than those of an earlier generation as showcased by The American Council on Exercises. For the recommended 60 minutes or more a day, behaviorally, most children fail to engage in vigorous or moderate-intensity physically. Prevalence of pediatric obesity, muscular strength, a decrease in fitness, higher risk for diseases, and cardio respiratory capacity have been the outcome of the lack of participation in physical activities.

Getting acquainted with regular exercise gets beneficial to all ages and gender as it improves health considerably. Diseases such as heart attacks, high blood sugar, and others get minimized. FITT is a significant component that should get followed to increase one's life span. Also, many youths should regularly perform at least 15 minutes a day exercise, which would benefit them to further degrees. Research has shown that early and ongoing opportunities for physical activities get needed for maximum health benefits as they get tracked from childhood to adulthood, the disease risk factors.

The research's impact is that exercise has been seen as one vital aspect to have a good healthy life. In this way, many will reduce instances where they will have to visit hospitals for preventable diseases. Anxiety, depression, and cognitive function reduce mental health by employing exercises. Also, low esteem gets elevated as well as withdrawal from society applying exercising. It is also a beneficial adjunct for drug substance and alcoholism alleviation as well as self-image.

Growth and development as noted by The American Council on Exercises get promoted to by regular physical activities. Statistical data has shown that for Americans, they sit in a day for eleven hours on average. Deaths that occur yearly add up to approximately 300,000 thousand due to lack of fitness or physical activities. As well as the diet they consume. The age of the deaths occurs at 25% for those in the age gap of 35 years. With those over that age, all come about due to a lack of physical exercise.

On average, mostly a 65% audience in America watches their television for two hours each day, while those that meet the minimal physical guidelines requirement for work are 6.5%. An estimated twenty-four billion direct medical spending gets attributed to a sedentary lifestyle. It also gets estimated that more than men women lead a sedentary life ( Fahey, Insel and roth 321).

In conclusion, to reduce all the risks that come about because of inactivity in exercising, individuals should move more during the day. The amount spent watching TVs’ also should get minimized. Riding one's bike or taking the dog for a walk should also do the trick to get a regular exercise each day. Mostly risks associated with the diseases that come along due to lack of regular exercise get minimized. Besides, there is the advantage of reducing expenses that could get spent on paying hospital bills when one acquires the diseases due to lack of exercise.

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