Digital Broadcasting Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-15
Digital Broadcasting Essay Sample
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KSBW is a broadcasting station that is digital and virtual channel 8. Its studios are found on John Street in Salinas, California, United States. It is also licensed to Salinas by the licensing authority called the FCC standing for federal communications commission, and it aids Monterey bay area. The station covers the local news and is one of the leading stations in the state. The owners of the station are Hearst Television, and its transmitter is found at the Fremont Peak in the Gabilan mountains. The abbreviation words (KSBW) of the station stands for "Salad Bowl of the World" this also comes from the other name of the city of Salinas. It was started on September 11, 1953, and at that time used the same frequencies together with KMBY-TV.

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The station has its primary goal which keeps the station vibrant all the time. The goal is evident in the slogan they have which is "Coverage You Can Count" meaning that they promise their viewers full information of what's happening around them. KSBW was allied with other groups of stations or networks which include NBC, ABC, CBS and DuMont earlier but with time they broke apart, and ABC and NBC was left covering the Monterey -Salinas market. These affiliations conclude that the station knows the importance of working as a team and easing the work like killing two birds at the same time. The now allies are CBS and NBC and have firmly held the organization to its maximum capacities. For example, NBC had been providing weather updates in what it was called NBC Weather Plus and later rebranded as KSBW weather Plus.

The station is sponsored by various organizations which help in, for example, the content in their programming's such as shows and soaps and financial wise. They include, Telemundo Salinas Monterey, Central Coast, Monterey County The Herald, I heart Media, Wolf House Radio group, Couch Distributing Company, Mapleton Communications, Salinas, Granite construction company, and Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. Most of these sponsors are companies which support the broadcasting station. Take like the memorial hospital take part in a program called the Lifeline TV this program focuses on health issues, and they invite professional doctors who take part in the show. The show is anchored by Kate Callaghan a former KSBW anchor, and NBC an affiliate of KSBW airs it.

As a viewer or fan of the stations I can participate fully with the organization this may include commenting on the topics of discussions in various shows. This will create more platform for learning and entertainment; it will also make other viewers to also contribute to the question. Another way may be giving them first-hand information in case of breaking news and one is aware of the situation this will help the broadcasters in getting the story to other people. The affiliate groups such as the NBC have suggested actions the audience can take which include taking part in shows that need discussions this will keep the show lively and reality also to use the social media to communicate to the organization in case of any wrongdoings, comments 69or feedbacks.

The broadcasting station is run by a president who is also the overall general manager he is known as Joseph W. Heston. The president of the company also hosts the KSBW editorial which is three-minute-long it is commentary whereby the audience give their comments also it provides information on upcoming events.


Brown, C., & Chin Roemer, R. (2016). Local Television News in Salinas, California: Defining and Informing a Latino Community With Excessive Crime News Coverage. Electronic News, 10(1), 3-23.

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