Essay Example: Difficulties in Changing a Culture Where Project Management is Perceived as of Low Status

Published: 2023-08-10
Essay Example: Difficulties in Changing a Culture Where Project Management is Perceived as of Low Status
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Cultural factors play an essential role in organizational performance. Changing a culture that is seen to be of low rank is difficult because besides changing the attitude of the project managers, the organization has to develop professional project managers. In addition, the overall managerial mentality has to be changed from being in the top status to a professional one that has more competent leadership qualities.

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The organization will also be involved in selecting, training, and educating project managers in the reorganization of project management. It is challenging to reorganize project management because it will require the organization to drop project managers that are not professional. In addition, changing the entire organizational structure by engaging a support team to maintain the abilities and careers of the project managers will require the project management and the entire organization to adapt to it.

Approach to the Task

Besides changing the whole nature of the project management role, I will also change the organization's entire structure. I will develop professional managers plus a support system that would be tasked with maintaining their abilities and career in project management.

The managerial mentality of two or three years on a project and then moving on to a functional job will have to be changed to an attitude of professional pride in project management and staying in the field for the remainder of their careers. The other approach will be on the organizational mentality of admiring heroic rescues of projects in trouble that will be replaced with admiration for doing a competent job from the beginning and time after time.

The Problems with the Mentality of Admiring Heroic Rescues of Projects in Trouble

The plans failed because there were no professional project managers in charge. The project managers were not able to handle the projects from the beginning to the end of the projects. The project managers involved had no necessary skills and experience to deal with any unforeseen changes, issues, or risks arising in the project management.

The other challenge is the periodic nature of these rescues, and the suggestion is that the most rewarded effort is occasional and timely. These actions favor below-standard employees and say that it is okay for projects to be delivered past time. Changing the perception of the project management role will have a positive impact on the organization as a whole. For that reason, the organization will replace the mentality of admiring heroic rescues of projects in trouble with admiration for doing a job competently from the beginning and time after time. However, there are some similarities and differences between the skills sought for project managers among the business communication system's leadership continuity plan with those listed in the article Australia.

The similarities between the Australia article and the business communication system's leadership continuity plan are risk management, both have communication skills, project recovery skills, cost control skills, delegation, and optimism, and there is a planning mentality in both cases (Ramazani & Jergeas 2015).

The differences are; lack of quality management in the Australian article, which had a product that was not fit for its purpose, the inexpensive computer system. In addition, the Australian project lacked a big-picture perspective (Ramazani & Jergeas 2015). It built a tunnel without considering any need for expansion in the future.

Other Priorities to Meet Schedule or Budget

A meeting scheduled due date is critical in the success of all projects but is not always the only important factor (Dinu, 2015). When it comes to being successful in the business world, organizations also have to think about revenue, sales value, the customer wants, needs, suggestions, and the amount of the product the company is going to make innately (Ramazani & Jergeas 2015).

The other thing companies need to keep in mind is that projects never always go according to plans, companies should not set stone reliable release dates or stable budgets (Ramazani & Jergeas 2015). They should still allow flexibility in case of any unexpected thing happens.

Most Appropriate Risk Analysis Approach

In my view, a qualitative risk analysis approach would be the most appropriate analysis when performed correctly (Cagliano et al, 2015). The risks are prioritized for further study or actions. It is done by determining the likelihood of each chance and the probability of it occurring (Cagliano et al, 2015). And as well as rating the impact it has on the project.

This approach uses a scale that is commonly ranked from zero to five. If the rank is five in the likelihood of the risk occurring, there is a 50 percent chance the risk will occur, which is the best approach (Dinu, 2015). There is an impact scale, which is also measured from one to five, with five being the most impact on the project. If the analysis is correctly done, the risk will be categorized as either source or effect based.

This approach is beneficial because the management is to reduce uncertainties in projects and focus mostly on high-impact risks for which project managers can plan appropriate mitigation responses (Dinu, 2015


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