Developing the Utopia City Project Paper Example

Published: 2022-12-08
Developing the Utopia City Project Paper Example
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Imagine a place full of good people. A place ruled by good people. A place I call, "The Good place". As far as Paradise City is concerned, rules governing the people will be made by the people. Everyone will be given the chance to be able to give his or her own laws that they think can be able to govern them so as to live in peace with their neighbors. The laws created by the community will be followed and anyone who does not comprehend any law. In Paradise, there will be a human robot that will always be there anytime you mention her name to help in any way possible. Her name will be Lily. Lily will be capable of spotting anyone who will be having any intentions of doing harm.

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Lily will be able to select such minds and be able to lead them to the correct path. For example, a person thinking of murder, Lily will appear to the person and put him through a series of talks to understand why the individual wants to commit the terrible act. In my city, there will be the most advanced technology that no man has ever seen. There will be human robots that could actually choose a wise person from among the various candidates chosen, to rule the city. Due to the fact that advanced technology will exist, young people will be able to have human robots each at their homes teaching them everything they are supposed to know. They will also be taught any skill required. In the city, there will be lots of business like lots of industries to make food and any essential needed, automatic transportation that will automatically know where you are going and the exact time you need it among others.

Students in the city will only be trained on how to handle the machines on how to properly care for them in order for the city to run smoothly. Due to the perfect human robots to run the city, business will run smoothly with no errors whatsoever. Since all of the jobs and chores are performed by the machines, my people would not be working. However, they will be able to do all activities like swimming, diving, sports and much more. Since money is the root of all evil, there will not be any kind of payment as everything will be provided at the comfort of your home. For example, there will be machines for all kinds of duties like making food, clothes, wash dishes as well as bath a person among others. In case one wants to move from one place to another, an automatic vehicle will be able to sense that and provide transportation.

In case a person wants to use transportation that uses road or air means, an appropriate vehicle will sense that. This method differs from our current one as it saves time and you will be able to go anywhere you want without stress or worries. In our current means of transport, one must look for the vehicle and pay for it, while in this the means will be able to detect any thoughts and act on them accordingly. In the entertainment sector, adults will attend parties, concerts at their pleasure.

As for the young generation, any attempt to do what they are supposed to do will have no luck as the machines will be programmed to terminate such activities. Any individual in the city will be able to wear any cloth of their desire and no cloth will be popular. In my city, the young generation who has reached the age of 16 will be able to do what adults are doing and this includes education and good moral lessons. In my world, everyone will be taken care of by human robots. What will be special in my world is that there will not be aging as technology will handle that accordingly.

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