Essay Sample on Dental School Supplemental Questions

Published: 2023-10-16
Essay Sample on Dental School Supplemental Questions
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Describe A Project or Idea That Was Implemented or Carried Out Successfully Primarily Because Of Your Efforts.

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Volunteering and giving back to the community is one of my greatest passions. In the year 2015, I was doing my volunteer work at the Islamic Community Center of laurel. The reason why I joined this group is because it helped the less privileged in the community during Ramadan and additionally worked to prepare Ifaar on the weekends. The purpose of the group was to bring the people of the Islamic community with the aim of spreading love, peace, and togetherness in the holy month. During this time, I made an observation that bothered me greatly. Most of the people that cane for Ramadan appeared to be coming from the shelter home that was near. I talked to my fell group mate so that we could visit the shelter home to determine the ways that we would help in case our help was needed.

We were shocked at the condition of the living that these older people had to endure. The shelter home had no separation of rooms according to gender and the beds and the clothes they were not in the right conditions. after having a talk with the person in charge, they notified us that the shelter home received less than enough money to ensure that it was kept in operation. I felt very unhappy, and I suggested that we can organize a fundraising event that would help is help out with the renovation of the shelter home and keep aside some of the money to ensure that the occupants had enough healthy food so at the end of the day the government funding can be to keep the shelter home operational.

The following week the fundraising was held, and various tasks engaged in, including advice on oral hygiene, fun games for the kids, sporting, yard sale, just to name a few. The renovation was done, and each gender and their separate rooms, new beddings, and donations on foods and clothes were made. The overall was a renovated shelter home for the less fortunate in the community.

What Do You Expect to Be A Challenge Unique to Dental School That Would Not Be A Factor for Another Healthcare Professional Program?

Dental health professionals are required to provide a variety of dental care or services that contribute to the quality of their patient’s daily life. It is therefore common for any dental program to produce highly qualified personnel who are competent in both basic as well as in clinical science and who are capable of providing quality dental care to a range of patients across all the population.

Besides, they have to be highly committed to professional and ethical conduct. The dental professionals or graduates are required to be competent, having thoroughly studied a particular specific subject and having an in-depth understanding. They should be complemented by development skills that form the basis for a successful career in dentistry, such as providing empathic care for all the patients which include the members of the vulnerable population, establishing rapport with the patients, identifying their needs and expectations and therefore creating an excellent treatment for them.

I think the most significant challenge that the dental student face and one that is unique to dentistry are how to balance between professionalism and ethics. Most of the in people think that dentistry is simple and one that can be explained as “just arranging teeth in the right order” however this is not the case, it is a complex mechanism and involved a person with feeling, lots of salvia and one that can close their mouth at will. During training, a dentist is equipped with various skills and techniques, but all these are subject to personal preferences. For instance, the dentist is taught that the edentulous patient one is supposed to both the shades and size identification for a denture, which is based on the patient’s face size, complexity to name a few. However, most patients insist on getting white teeth, and, in most cases, they are not satisfied, and they end up asking for fabricating denture once more. Therefore, it is quite tricky for the students to master the ways of dealing with such cases given the fact that both professionalism and ethics are something that they are supposed to uphold as dental health care providers.

Additionally, all other healthcare professionals require doing what is best for the patients; if a patient comes in critically ill, the doctors do what is best for the patient to get better. However, in the case of dentistry, a student is total that informed consent is critical. Gaining the patient’s trust while offering the treatment plan is essential. Therefore, I believe that the ability to maintain professionalism while observing the ethics standards of operation is the most changeling thing that dentistry students face while undergoing the course and as professionals as well.

Describe A Recent Time Off from School. How Did You Spend Your Time Off?

During the recent break from the university, I decided to take a course named Introduction to dental medicine from the University of Pennsylvania. I love to read, and I understand that the mouth is the window to the health of all humans. While searching the internet for amazing articles and courses that are related to dental health, I came across this course. The course provides an overview of dental medicine to engage, educate as well as excite and assist an individual in the different ways that they can improve their oral health, that of their patients and the community at large. it took me approximately seven weeks to complete, and I learned a lot at the end of the course, including:

An introduction to dental medicine and how it is related to public health. I learned the essential dental autonomy, ways to make patient evaluations as well as the causes and the effects of oral ailments. I gain both studies academic as well as experimental experience since a live demonstration was used for illustration purposes.

I learned about the form and the role of the oral cavity, which described the dental anatomy comprising of the embryology of the oral cavity, the structure of a tooth as well as the implication of oral diseases clinical wise. I additionally learned about the possible oral as well as the musical conditions, which include anomalies, cancer, and associated diseases. Some of these ailments have idiopathic etiology and localized, while others are the manifestation of systemic diseases of the body.

I also learned about the comprehensive evaluation of the needs of the patients. This involved both the assessment of extra and intraoral structures of the oral cavity. The importance of assessing the patient’s medical history is essential during the evaluation process. The complicated relationship between systemic and oral health is highly emphasized.

Learned about the common disorders that affect the periodontium and the teeth. These kinds of ailments that affect the surround of the dentations and the dentitions as well as influence the health of an individual, and if they go untreated, they can cause severe pain and localized. I additionally learned about the etiology and the contributing factors to oral diseases.

The model also highlighted the facial and oral diseases from common to rare cases, including the exploration of the physiological aspects of facial and oral pain. The dental ailment can originate from the dentition ailment but as well as other disorders affecting the nervous system. I also learned that the dentition ailments could be caused by the infection of the softy and the hard tissues. I also learned about the scope and modalities of treating dental ailments. The course highlighted the role that the dentist plays in the treatment of dental diseases.

How Do You Build Rapport with People?

Imagine you walk into a coffee shop and see a fellow student or a college. When he or she sees you, they frown or suddenly look gloomy. This situation makes a person fee; dismal additionally, you will not be confident enough to go and say hi because they were not happy to see you. Therefore, building rapport is crucial, and I build a rapport in different ways. One is through a smile.

A smile is a pure yet potent instrument. If you greet a person or a fellow student with a smile, it puts them at ease and lets a person know that you are happy to see them, and, in this case, they are much more likely to respond positively. Additionally, a smile is something that a person chooses to do. Some days are hard, and others are fun. And this makes it easier for people to associate with you, and this one of the ways that I establish a rapport.

Knowing your colleagues is very important. I do not mean their names; it is vital to know a little bit about the people in your class, and this is what I employ in many instances. I believe that the best way to start a great relationship with other people is to make a good introduction. Even given the fact that the other person knows your name and that you’re a student or a dental hygiene specialist, it is essential to introduce yourself and explain who you are. Ask the other person who how they are. People respond positively if they know that you take your time to know them a little more than their names. I try my very best to create an environment in which I can share with my colleagues, and this way, it is easier to communicate with them.

Another way that I create rapport with other people is by simply being myself. I understand that most people do not like a fake, and I do not. If a person notices that you are false, they stay away from you, and in the case that they see that you are a genuine person and honest, then it becomes easier for them to trust you.

Another fundamental way in which I build rapport is through an apology. Every person is not perfect, and mistakes are inhabitable, but if you learn the power of these three words, “I am sorry,” then you will have made an essential step toward building a great rapport with people. Apologies to a colleague or a friend are imperative since it shows that you take accountability for your actions, and in this same way, you expect others to do the same. I also respect my colleagues, and in turn, the same is accorded to me.

What Have You Learned from Your Mistakes?

So many individuals operate under the notion that making a mistake is an aberration, an error if you will. However, this can be termed as perfectionism, but in reality, it is an issue and can be termed as a demand for order ands continuity. Most people think that they can eliminate mistakes, but mistakes are inevitable, and I am no exception to this. What is of importance is whether we learn from the mistakes that we have done or not. The fact is making the same mistake over and over can be very costly, your team might think that your word does not mean anything, the most valuable thing that can come out of a mistake is to learn valuable lessons that make you a better person. I have learned fundamental lessons from the mistakes that I have made during my study and the lest of my life. these lessons include:

One of the crucial lessons that I have learned from the mistakes is that I am not perfect and that I am strong, and most importantly, the errors have taught me to be persistent and never give up since the solution to it might be just right in front of me.

There was a time that I used to think that there is only one solution to a problem. However, I have learned that this kind of thinking limits me for the great success that I am meant to accomplish, especially in my career path.

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