Essay Sample on Diversity and Cultural Competence

Published: 2019-09-03
Essay Sample on Diversity and Cultural Competence
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Definition of Diversity and Cultural Competence

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Cultural competence refers to a set of attitudes, policies, and competent behaviors that are integrated into an agency, system, or among professionals to enable them to work effectively in cross-cultural settings. On the other hand, diversity is a state or quality of having many distinct types, forms, or ideas. In reference to cultural competency, diversity refers to having many kinds of attitudes, policies, and competent behaviours.

Reflect On Week One

The week one definition is not the same as current descriptions as a result of population change. There has been an increase in the United States population especially children. Moreover, minority group individual fractions have grown. Their kids contribute to establishment of a new set of cultural divergence that was not previously present in the health sector due to the growing presence of the native population.

Week Three Personal Identity and Majority /Minority Group Identity from Week 6

In week three readings, the trend of accepting cultural diversity is changing among the people. There is an observed increase in accepting cultural diversity from individuals at different ages. The youths are the most dynamic while the majority of those who support traditional practices are above the age of 29 years.

In week six readings, there is a changing trend in group approach to cultural diversity. For instance, the smallest community in Australia which accounts for about 2.5% of the nations total population has at least two children born overseas per year. However, United States scholars have contributed to discourse in diversity management as a result of primarily focusing on their benefits on business and products markets.

Describe the strengths and areas of development you described in week three, any additional areas of improvement.

The strength, regarding cultural diversity is that it is becoming more acceptable, the youths are the front runners in accepting these changes. Moreover, the old individuals are also beginning to agree on the new changes.

However, the drawback is a decrease in support for the traditional practices, as the citizens become and get more accustomed to the new cultural ways, they move away from the old ways. This is likely to create a gap in the population which will result in having two sections of communities that adhere to two different cultures.

Strategic actions that you can take to reduce areas of weaknesses

The growing gap between cultural practices between the elderly and the youth can be eliminated by enhancing diversity in individuals. The citizens, especially the youth, should be taught the importance of traditional practices. Techniques that could improve the mind of the elderly in appreciating new cultural practises such as wholesomely involving them in some of these modern activities should be adopted.

Identify strategies to develop cultural competency in an organisation

An organisation comprises various individuals who have diverse cultural practices. Activities that lead to cultural relationship between these people will help develop each personal cultural competency. Cultural diversity and competence are crucial in current times, they help individuals manage to perform well in different cultural settings. Therefore, efforts to develop cultural competency in people should be encouraged.

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