Literary Essay Sample on Death of a Salesman

Published: 2021-02-11
Literary Essay Sample on Death of a Salesman
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According to Miller (1994), the demise of a Salesman uses flashbacks to present Willy's memory amid the truth. The deception proposes the past, as well as presents the lost peaceful life. Willy has longed for achievement his entire life and made up lies about his and Biff's prosperity. The more he enjoys the hallucination, the harder it is for him to face reality. Biff is the special case who understands that the entire family lived in the falsehoods and tried to confront reality. In attempting to relate the story of the current period, we can argue that the Lomans are the families out there trying to fake it all in the name of desiring to make changes in their lives. As much as we are seeing Willy trying hard to make ends meet to make sure that his family to get the best in life, so are the majority of parents out there trying to do for their families. In reality, the majority of the parents believe in the saying that you fake it until you make it. Willy Loman envisioned being an effective businessperson like Dave Singleton, who has both material achievement and opportunity. His approach to making progress is to be very much enjoyed, which is likewise the way he shows his children. His fantasy can't be accomplished in that way, and such that society turns into the motivation to pushing him to death. The entire Willy's flashbacks, it is found that he trusts achievement as shown through somebody who is rich, all around enjoyed, and exhibits a decent identity. He trusts that a man who is rich and all around preferred is being fruitful because "Society tries to show that if individuals are rich and all around loved, they will be cheerful. As a result of this, Willy believed cash would make him upbeat. He never tried to attempt to be content with what he had. In the contemporary world, parents put the future of the family on a stable financial situation as witnessed by the Willys story no matter the process.

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The issue in this book is the fact the Loman has not been paid by the company he is working with while on the other hand; he is blaming his children for not working hard as compared to the neighbors children. Despite that Loman is offered to work in Alaska, the wife advise him not to go and instead he should look for work around. When problems escalate, Loman goes to his boss to allow him to work in town, but the boss refers him as a looser and refuses to award him a job vacancy but instead, he fires him. Back at home, their house is on mortgage and Linda is demanding money to settle the mortgage. It is at this point that Loman decides to take a loan from the neighbor. Even though he is given a place to work by the loaner, he still refuses. He then lies to the wife that the company had paid the remaining amount. He enters into a conversation with one of the neighbors son who was successful, and he is disappointed that his sons are just but losers not being able to secure some good paying jobs that could help them solve their financial crisis.

Going through Lamons life experience, we can argue that he is having regrets with the manner in which his children are progressing. Given another chance, Lamon may likely not have children because he believes that they are the cause of his demises. His conversation with the neighbors son shows some bitterness inside him knowing that his son failed mathematics while still in school blocking him from achieving in life. In comparison with the current period, such circumstances tend to make people think twice about the reason they exist. Towards the end of the book, Lamon is conversing with one of his sons telling him that he might kill himself to allow the family to receive the insurance funds to keep them going. If it were not for the joblessness of the children, Lamon could not have opted to take his life to helping the family with the financial problem. Other factors involved in the story is the art of infidelity with the fact that Lamon is stressed to the level that he decides to seek comfort in another womans arms rather than his wife.

In conclusion, the death of a businessman reflects the modern life full of challenges hovering around married couples. Just like Lamon, the majority of families have undergone through difficult conditions with which the only way of escaping the misfortunes is either by ending life or involving yourself in some unlawful activities. As seen from his children, they rely majorly on their fathers efforts. This resembles the current generation of children who do not want to work hard and achieve what theirs is and rather depend wholly on inheritance depending on the capacity of wealth possessed by their parents.


Miller, A. (1994). Death of a salesman. Oxford: Heinemann.

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