Application Letter Example for Pre-doctoral Internship Training Program

Published: 2020-10-12
Application Letter Example for Pre-doctoral Internship Training Program
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Allow me to express my gratitude to you for evaluating my request to pursue the pre-doctoral internship training program at the Psychology Internship Consortium (PIC), which is an affiliated psychology internship program of the Clinical Psychology Psy.D, as well as Ph.D. Programs School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the Ponce Health Sciences University. I am in my fourth year of my Psy.D program at the Ponce Health Sciences University. In my humble opinion, I consider my interests, as well as graduate training impels me as an outstanding candidate for this internship program.

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I am in concurrence with the Psychology Internship Consortiums approach in training which is predominantly experiential in providing intensive, as well as systematic instruction in the appliance of psychological principles. My interest in the field of intervention is to accomplish more extensive experience with severe diagnoses. For instance, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, as well as psychotic. I also hold considerable interest in the application of diverse treatment modalities for instance cognitive, cognitive behavioral and systemic. In addition, I realize that my interest in reinforcing skills and applying knowledge in neuropsychological assessment concurs with the Consortiums training, which offers opportunities for interns in observing and collaborating with clinical supervisors.

Based on the Consortiums program materials and excellent repute, I am of the opinion that this program perfectly suits my motivation towards achieving my fundamental training goals. In this perspective, my three primary goals may be summarized as are outlined below. To begin with, I endeavor to continue towards developing skills in the adolescents and family population. In this context, I am pleased by the incomparable opportunity presented to every intern at the Consortium in collaboratively developing a distinctive training program. It is my objective to exploit this flexibility, through advancing my up-and-coming field in working with adolescents, children, and families in a diversity of in-patient, as well as out-patient rotations. I am similarly committed towards advancing my intervention, as well as assessment skills in working with adult populations. The Consortiums program would present me with the requisite openings in gaining general clinical guidance through a broad diversity of adult rotations.

The second goal is to continue developing skills in working in family therapy and couples therapy. In this regard, I am delighted by the exceptional opportunity that the Consortiums program would present me in balancing a range of clinical experiences with increased focused instruction in fields of up-and-coming specialization. I look forward towards continuing to deepen my focus on high-risk populations in developing my intervention and assessment skills.

The third fundamental goal is to continue in developing skills in supervision. It is my delight that the Consortium offers interns the chance to develop their individual supervisory, as well as mentoring skills through supporting practicum level learners with differential diagnoses, note and report writing, as well as treatment planning. In turn, interns obtain supervision of their individual supervisory activities with practicum learners from their key supervisor, who as well supervises practicum learners.

I express my gratitude to the Psychology Internship Consortium once more for considering my humble application. In the event that you have any queries, I would be pleased to enlighten you on the same. I look forward to a favorable consideration.

Best regards,


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