Date The Nether by Jennifer Haley

Published: 2022-03-11
Date The Nether by Jennifer Haley
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The Nether is a captivating story about how the Internet has morphed into an exciting hub of activities where a myriad of activities including pedophilic acts are now viable. The play is so well crafted that it possess' an uncanny ability to elicit varied reactions once read. The author who is an award winner is quite brave as she approaches the issue of child molestation with such clarity that it is hard to miss. An analysis of the Nether reveals the following facets as pertains the literal world of English. These are a flawless plot summary, a strong and realistic theme and the use of stylistic devices such as symbolism and imagery. The paper that follows should explain the plot summary and the development of the child molestation theme. It should also show how the author uses symbolism and imagery in plot and thematic development.

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Plot refers to the events that make up a story or the main part of a story. The Nether begins when Sims, an alleged pedophile is summoned by Morris, a female detective seeking to eliminate pedophilic acts online. Sims is interrogated together with a Mr. Doyle for behaving inappropriately as Doyle; a decorated professor is equally drawn into pedophilic tendencies. The climax of the story comes when the reader discovers that Mr. Doyle is Iris, the decorated online girl who seduces men into having sexual and violent acts with her (pg. 13-19). The denouement is realized when the reader learns that Morris' father was also a shade, engaging in pedophilic acts online, and the resolution comes in form of retrieving the server for the Hideaway. The Hideaway is the site where grown men visit and impersonate themselves so that they may fulfill their sexual fantasies judging by the different roles they partake.

Through the plot, the theme of child molestation and pedophilic acts are revealed. It is so evident that Sims admits to being a helpless pedophile in scene three. "Look, I am sick with no cure! I am cursed with this compulsion and I can't allow myself to violate my children, my brother's or my neighbors'. That is why I have constructed the Hideaway, a place where I can be myself without prejudice" (pg. 11). Here is a self-confessed pedophile with no remorse at all. Sims oratory is trajectory in that he paints some horrific mental image of himself to the reader. One cannot help but wonder as to his peculiar compulsion with young children and the reasons for it. In addition, the play reveals further that the shades, who in description are the characters who visit the Hideaway and take up permanent residence, equally engage in alarming activities. The shades have the ability to kill or murder the children using axes after engaging in sexual acts with them (pg. 20).

Iris the online child is propagating her own murder as Mr. Woodnut, an undercover detective comes to realize once he is in the Hideaway (pg. 15). These children contrast sharply with real living ones as they appear to condone and appreciate what is being propagated upon them. The killing, the sexual acts are all are parts of their charm and as one discovers, so as are the shades propagating their roles. Therefore, arguably, the theme of child molestation is brought forth in another dimension once more. It is common knowledge that the society is mandated with the upbringing of a child. It is also unheard of for a little girl to be fond of men and violence at such tender ages.

Symbolism, therefore, comes in handy from the above paragraph. What are these so-called online children symbolizing, one may question. Symbolism in the play is also found from terminologies inclusive of the Nether, realm and the Hideaway. The Nether also the Internet is symbolic of the future and the activities which will take place soon. According to the play, the Nether is host to varying business ventures and is a one-stop shop for all and sundry. Simply put, every pursuit, enterprise, undertaking or occupation took place through the Internet. The symbolism here is what is coming to the world in the nearby future. Everything is going to be online as the Internet is taking precedence in a lot of recreational tasks already. The symbolism here is also characterized by the shades that are able to leave their families and hibernate to exist within the Internet (pg. 20). Mr. Doyle is planning to do the same as detective Morris learns later on during her interrogation. She also learns that Doyle is insensitive towards his family and does not seem to care if they were to resent and disown him for being a shade.

Through the plot, vivid imagery is created. The interrogation room where Morris holds Sims is described to be dull, gloomy and with two seats: the detectives and the suspects. It is symbolic of the somberness and seriousness of the case. The case is weighty for detective Morris as it touches on small children and her own past as her father abandoned her as a little girl for the Hideaway (pg. 27). Vivid description is also found in scene four where Iris' bedroom is in view for the first time. The room is said to be flowered and laced with exquisite colors and taste. There is also a pleasurable and sweet smelling aroma which supposedly brings out different feelings to first-time visitors (pg. 19). By describing Iris' bedroom, the author is painting a mental image of what the Hideaway looks like. Along the hallways are different weapons of differing shapes and designs. Above Iris' bedroom is an axe covered in blood stains (pg. 15).

The above has blended well to suit a perfect play as the plot, theme of child molestation; symbolism and vivid imagery explain horrid events which may soon take center stage in the world today. Pedophilic deeds are active today with supposedly pedophiles visiting already banned websites showcasing various child molestations. The behavior is quite repulsive and needs help as Morris explains to Mr. Doyle that they assist shades. The same practice is available today and it is important for the society not to shy away from this topic. It is important for everyone's voice to be heard.

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