Paper Example: Database Management System (DBMS)

Published: 2023-11-14
Paper Example: Database Management System (DBMS)
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The Database Management System refers to software designed for the storage and retrieval of the client's data while considering the right security measures and configurations. It consists of groups of programs that tend to manipulate the database (Sharma, 2019). The Database Management System accepts the request for data from a specific application and instructs the operating system that one uses to issue the specific data that one requested. The DBMS is efficient since it allows the users in the organization and also third-party software to be able to access the information (Charlet, et al., 2020). The DMBS is efficient since it allows the users to invent databases that fit into one's business, for example, the ABC Corporation.

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Purpose of Database Management System (DMBS)

The DMBS comes in handy with search and data sorting features that are customer-friendly since it allows the client to easily search and go through the company's databases by use of the company's websites (Miller, 2019). It allows the client to find products such as pet supplies with various criteria such as price, brands, and this makes it easier for the company to purchase those products.

The DMBS allows individuals with multiple stores and companies to sort financial statements and data quickly. It also allows the individuals to produce growth charts that give a preview on the performance rate of different stores (Sharma, 2019). This system will favor the client because one's business is growing and that one will need to check on how the business is venturing on if it is making considerable profits or losses.

The DMBS is essential in the business since it allows the leaders to identify relationships between the data given (Miller, 2019). It will allow the leaders to identify meaningful relationships in the business that can aid in ensuring that the business organization is a success.

Introduce Business Scenario

The business scenario, in this case, is the ABC corporation that deals with pet supplies (Miller, 2019). The owner has embraced the use of online marketing to expand one's business boundaries.

Benefits of Implementing a Database Management System

Increase in Productivity

The DMBS system empowers the users to make quick decisions when they are purchasing the products through the ABC corporation website (Sharma, 2019). The ABC corporation designed a website that is user friendly since it comes with features that include search and data sorting features which allow the clients to search for the pet supplies easily(Sharma, 2019). It will attract more clients into the firm and therefore make more profits.

Quick Decision Making

Also, the DMBS systems allow individuals such as employees and leaders to access and share endless information regarding the ABC Corporation. Through this, it will aid in the provision of frameworks that aid in forwarding quality data initiatives (Miller, 2019). The high-quality data that is given through the DMBS system allows the leaders and managers of the organizations into making better and significant decisions pertaining the business matters.

Business Data the Company Will Benefit from Collecting and Manipulating

The company will benefit from the collection of information such as which brand does the clients prefer to buy in their website pet supply, and this is because the system can analyze information on which products the individuals like to purchase (Miller, 2019). It will also allow the leaders of the ABC firm to collect data on broad perspectives and identify competitive prices and redesign their websites which usually have technical hitches to attract more customers (Sharma, 2019). Data collection and analysis will enable one to identify consumer habits through the websites and identify the pet supplies that are needed in the modern market.

One of the added advantages of the DMBS is that the user can easily manipulate data; this means that the system is open for the individual to change the data and reorganize it(Sharma, 2019). The system uses query, a database technology where one can search the database and get the information that one requires, for example, the purchase patterns of a particular brand of pet supplied by the customers in a given year.

How Company Manage Data Collection, Manipulate Data and Realize Benefits from the Usage of a Database Management System

The system analyses information relating to the purchasing patterns of the customers on specific brands. Users can also collect information on the best-visited site or product on the website (Charlet, et al., 2020). In the manipulation of data, it allows the individual to map the data and through it provides useful insights that relate to how the business gets handled. Manipulation gives the individual a clear picture of the information (Charlet, et al., 2020). The benefits of the DMBS is that it enhances the sharing of data at a faster rate and that the information is encrypted; thus, it renders the DMBS secure.

Components of DMBS


It refers to programs that are used to control and manage the database (Sharma, 2019). It entails the DMBS system itself and also the operating system and network systems used to share the data among individuals.


It entails mostly electronic devices such as computers and storage systems (Sharma, 2019). It acts as an interface between computers and the real world.


The DMBS ensures that data is evenly collected, stored, and processed (Charlet, et al., 2020). The database consists of usually operational data and the company's information.


The DBMS consists of a set of rules and instructions for the user (Charlet, et al., 2020). The instructions guide the user on how to manage and operate the system.

Data Manager

It is used to handle data in the databases. When the DBMS system fails, it provides recovery, and thus one can quickly recover the lost information.

Process of Developing a DBMS for Implementation

The implementation stage is where one installs the DBMS on the hardware and ensures that the databases are optimized (Sharma, 2019). After running the software, one will, later on, create a database and ensure that the data is loaded. After loading the data, one will establish users and also make sure that the data security system is running (Sharma, 2019). At the end of the implementation phase, one will design backup plans in case the system fails. Through backups, one will not be able to lose any valuable information.

Reasons Why Companies Utilize Various Systems for Domestic and Global Business Functions

The use of various systems for domestic and global business allows the firm or business organization to export and import the products through online bidding (Charlet, et al., 2020). Therefore, it makes it simple for the customer to purchase the goods on a global scale.

Most companies have embraced the use of various systems, both globally and domestically; this is because the system comes with new technology that can enhance the company's performance and productivity (Charlet, et al., 2020). The system also allows the users and the employees to access data with ease.


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