Critical Thinking World View - Free Paper Example

Published: 2024-01-03
Critical Thinking World View - Free Paper Example
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The worldview is one's concept of how the world operates, what the world is, and the place a person has in the world. The worldview is composed of the philosophy of life linked to an understanding of the world. As a religious person, I believe in a philosophy of life that encompasses the kinder world and the link between what happens on earth and the promised eternal life written in the Bible.

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There are many beliefs in the world, and every individual chooses what to believe and what not to believe. The difference in these beliefs comes from some people supporting Christianity, while others are atheists who choose to believe in what they see. These beliefs include questions of origin, morality, destiny, purpose, and identity. As a Christian, I believe in birth, as cited in the Bible and the world's biblical theory. The Bible guides me to choose what to accept and those other things not to believe. I trust whatever is written in the Bible to be the truth about the world, and the Bible helps us to understand our purpose in this world.

The Bible guides us in acquiring the right morals and molds our behavior to integrate well with our neighbors in our daily endeavors. The morals include showing love and a kind heart; therefore, the Bible has always shaped my thinking and teaches us that one should love his or her neighbor as he loves himself or herself and even care for the less unfortunate in society. The Bible also teaches us about life after death, life whereby there are paradise and hell. After death, going to either heaven or hell majorly depends on whether a person lived according to God's will in his or her early life. According to my knowledge, I think these are things which are proper for everyone.

My understanding of the world and its nature of reality have sometimes changed dramatically in the scientific context. These changes have been shaped by school and world exploring and learning that scientists provide sensitive information. This particular knowledge changes the original perspective of my thoughts regarding the origin of the world. The evolution theory explains the origins of man, which contradicts my belief in the biblical approach.

Human evolution is the evolutionary process by which human beings developed on earth from now-extinct primates. Scientists explain that it's a lengthy process of change by which people originated from ape-like ancestors. Scientific evidence shows that all people's physical and behavioral traits originated from ape-like ancestors and evolved for approximately six million years. The biblical theory of man's origin explains how God created the world in seven days in the Eden garden, where all animals and Adam and Eve were created.


In conclusion, a critical thinking worldview regarding religious belief, the Christian view on destiny is that every person has a predetermined life that depends on whether a person submits to the Holy Spirit's leadership.

Every person has a worldview; a view of the world being used to live in the world that influences how we think in most of the world's critical things. Therefore, no worldview has a monopoly on logical thinking for illogical thinking; hence our thinking similarities are much more important than differences.

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