Caring for People God's Way: Christian Counseling Essay Example

Published: 2019-10-28
Caring for People God's Way: Christian Counseling Essay Example
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According to the fourth chapter of the book Caring for People Gods Way, the Brief Christian Counseling Model is the first and mandatory counseling phase. It accomplishes the most crucial counseling goals in five to ten sessions in the first counseling phase. By focusing on the mechanics of counseling this chapter four defines this model as action-oriented since it is directed towards solutions that enhance growth and maturity of ones spirit in Christ.

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Additionally, the chapter broadly covers the functionalities of the ideal Christian Counseling process through discussing both the clients and the counselors contribution in the counseling sessions. Through proper navigation of the ten basic sessions of the Brief Counseling Model, it is expected that at the end of the Sessions the client will have achieved positive changes and has and accomplished their goals with noticeable reduction of their initial symptoms. Below are the ten sessions of the Brief Christian Counseling model as highlighted by Clinton and Ohschlager (2009).i. First Contact

ii. Trust building and beginning of assessment

iii. Life enhancing Goal setting

iv. Comprehensive and Diagnostic History taking

v. Treatment planning and ongoing prayer

vi. Working from the therapeutic frame

vii. Working with Clients resistance and Dependency

viii. Working through your lapses and Frustrations

ix. Managing ethical Tasks and Dilemmas

x. Terminating treatment

The authors discuss several components in the ten sessions of the basic counseling format. Among them, first contact, which is the first session of the Brief Christian Counselling Model would basically be my greatest challenge. Knowing the fact that the success of the entire session greatly depends on both myself as a Christian helper and the contribution of the client, this session would pose a little challenge to me. Additionally, it is in this session that I am expected to represent myself as a Christian helper and at the same time represent Jesus, so as to be able to build trust with my client right from the very first contact.

As highlighted in this particular book, treatment planning and ongoing prayer, the fifth session, would be the component that correlates well with my strengths as a Christian helper. In this course, I am expected to bring essential biblical principles which ought to work hand in hand with the treatment plan. Moreover, at this session, I believe that I would be in a position to incorporate prayer into the process and change my clients spiritual life so that it looks more like Jesus Christs inner life (Kellemen, 2002).


Clinton, T. E., Hart, A. D., & Ohlschlager, G. W. (2009). Brief Christian Counseling Model. In caring for people God's way: Personal and emotional issues, addictions, grief, and trauma (p. 82). Nashville: Nelson Reference & Electronic.

Kellemen, R. W. (2002). Spiritual Friends: A Methodology of Soul Care and Spiritual directions (1st ed.). BHM Books.

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