Critical Essay Sample on Shakespeare's Midsummers Night Dream

Published: 2023-04-12
Critical Essay Sample on Shakespeare's Midsummers Night Dream
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In Shakespeare's Midsummers Night Dream, the theme of love is the most outstanding concept that helps to understand the play. With Lysander and Hermia's case, running away from Athens is the right option given that they love each other. They make a plan of escaping to avoid the punishment that they are likely to face. Previously, Egeus, Hermia's father had been outraged, something that made him report to Theseus's palace that her daughter has disobeyed him. As per Athenian law, a person who disobeys his father was supposed to be sentenced to death (Shakespeare, 1996). The paper will demonstrate why Lysander and Hermia's running away is the best thing for them.

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Meanwhile, Lysander and Hermia's running away was the best option because Hermia had been promised a death sentence as a punishment of disobeying his father (Shakespeare, 1996). However, Duke Theseus was reasonable enough since he gave Hermia two 'fair options.' He advised Hermia to listen to his father, but when she refused, he asked her to choose between accepting the death penalty as a punishment or become a nun and forget about marriage (Shakespeare, 1996). Duke Theseus gave her four days to make a decision. Fortunately, the two make a plan to escape from Athens to avoid punishment, and at the same time, to protect their love.

There is a time when a friend of mine got out of her bad situation by running away. At with life, everybody has different experiences both pleasant and less pleasing. However, handling unpleasant situations depends on the personality and character of an individual. When I was in high school, my friend used to achieve satisfactory grades. She was quite a promising student who wanted to become a doctor someday. At some point, she enrolled in a matriculation course, but with time, she learned that it was an easy task to balance both. Due to the need for commitment, she started getting bad academic results. However, she did not give up because she gave much effort to matriculation courses to get work and earn money.

Since she was more concerned with her course she finished and got work. Unfortunately, she did not manage to attain University requirements. She reasoned with her parents and gave herself another chance to improve on the failed subjects. Having done that was already a drawback; one day she was stolen and attacked by five people on her way to work. Her face was bruised. The experience impacted her negatively, especially mentally in that she even thought of having revenge. Going back home was hard since it was difficult to explain to her parents that she was not in school. To start again, she gave away her dream of becoming a doctor following the rough time she was going through.

She chose to pursue a materialist dream because it was easily achievable than the academic one. Academic failure did not stick her since she is now successful with the matriculation work. She was working for something she enjoyed and this made her fall in love with the work. She decided to run away from home to meet her expectations and desires. Every time she thinks of her academic dream, she consoles herself with the matriculation work and this justifies everything. With the assurance of having a perfect work, she now could rest her thoughts with the experiences she lived.


Shakespeare, W. (1996). A midsummer night's dream. Cambridge University Press.

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