Creating an Effective Curriculum for Infant Development - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-24
Creating an Effective Curriculum for Infant Development - Essay Sample
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The development of the appropriate curriculum is crucial for the growth and the eventual wellbeing of the infants during early childhood. The theoretical concepts outline the essence of having an effective curriculum in place to enhance the development of toddlers and infants. The curriculum should, therefore, adequately conceptualize with the aim to enhance the development of the infants. The infants should be in a position to learn and develop from the comprehensive curriculum, positively impact their environment and adjust to the changing circumstances, hence the need to appropriately develop the curriculum through adequate applications of the theoretical concepts.

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Theoretical basis and the Personal Experience

Theoretically, the development of the toddlers and the infants take place in various domains, and these include the social, physical, cognitive, and emotional domains which are interrelated and influence the development of the children. Additionally, development tends to follow a certain sequence, and the skills that are acquired last are build up from the already acquired skills. The development and the ability to learn are influenced by various cultural and social contexts. The key theories include the biological-maturational theory, behaviorist theory, cognitive development theory, and the sociocultural theory.

In order to develop an effective curriculum for the infants, the developer should exhibit personal attachment to the children and the need to ensure their success. Considering the environment of the interaction and various activities to be undertaken is essential in the development of the infants. Personally, I have been greatly involved in our local area in enhancing the growth of the toddlers through coming up with the playing tools that enhance their emotional satisfaction and increases their level of engagement. My caring nature and the need to ensure growth is a key driver for me to effectively administer the curriculum for the prosperity of the toddlers.

The Key Points from the Class Readings

Implementation of the meaningful curriculum is essential in enhancing the experience of the toddlers, infants, and their various families. They infants derive fun from the program; hence they become engaged with those around them. The curriculum helps the caregiver to plan the daily routines accordingly to enhance the development of the infants with the aim to offer service based on planned activities. Adequate information should, therefore, be gathered to aid inappropriate decision making on aspects that will enhance the experience of the infants (Virtual Lab School, 2020)

The environment surrounding the learning of the infants and the toddlers are also crucial in enhancing their social and emotional development. There is a need to choose the environment that is of high quality and well planned to ease the interaction level of the infants and the toddlers (Virtual Lab School, 2020). The positive environments encourage family engagements, enhances the children's brain development, and tend to be safe for the children.

Outside environments bring the children together, and they learn to play in turns hence increasing the bond between them. Through this, they learn the essence of relationships with their families and the outside world where people co-exist like families (Head Start, 2019). The outdoor games also improved their cognitive abilities; hence they get to know the cause of problems and how they can be solved.

Spending time outside is of importance to the infants and the toddlers since they get to interact with nature, view the environment, and conceptualize their surroundings. They are able to develop their sensory touch, which is not possible within the four wall buildings. Their sensory development enables them to distinguish the components of the environment, such as sound and smell. The sensory also helps them improve and distinguish their sexes (Citytv, 2014).

Their health also improved as they get exposed to the sunlight, which is key for their healthy growth. Their bones consequently become stronger through exposure to sunlight, and their skin acquires the necessary ingredients. The sight of the infants also improves as they come out of the buildings they were initially confined into (Head Start, 2018).


In conclusion, an effective curriculum will ensure the infants and toddlers develop without any challenge. The aim of the curriculum is to develop better approaches that will make it easier for the caregiver to carry their mandates effectively. Collective efforts should, therefore, be made to ensure the infants and toddlers develop in conducive environments.


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