Free Essay Example - Metacognitive Work

Published: 2023-11-14
Free Essay Example - Metacognitive Work
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Metacognition is the understanding of one’s proficiency and abilities to control, understand, and manipulate their awareness processes (Stankov, 509-516). The metacognition processes involve where and when to use training and problem-solving strategies in writing and learning activities. Additionally, it also presumes why and how to use such particular approaches. Similarly, it refers to an individual’s capability to scheme diverse procedures for undertaking a learning task, steps to solve problems, to reflect and do result evaluation, and to modify such approaches if needed (TEAL Center Fact Sheet No. 4: Metacognitive Processes). Therefore, metacognitive work concerning my previous assignment was composed of outlining how to re-approach my essay writing task and different strategies to solve numerous problems and problems I faced initially. Furthermore, this activity enabled me to monitor my comprehension of the structure and nature definition essay writing regarding the concept of terrorism, do self-reflection, evaluate, and revise my previous work to complete the task appropriately.

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The art of writing is one of the most demanding and complex tasks. Therefore, every writer must undertake careful planning, conduct paper revision, and proofread their essays. Through doing research and examining diverse definitive essay sample and their structures, I have noticed that the quality of my essay writing has advanced significantly. However, in my previous major essay assignment, I floundered to identify the structure and type of the essay we were required to write. I do often write, type, and think speedily to the point that I fail to realize my mistakes. As a result, I end up writing broad explanations. Getting engrossed in my writing task and run-on sentences are some of my weaknesses that resulted in numerous mistakes. Additionally, writing complex prose has also been my biggest weakness. Lengthy and packed sentences I realized created a great distance between my writings and my readers.

Constant research and examination of different paper samples, however, have eradicated my initial challenges, inspired my writing confidence, and helped improve my revised paper. Understanding the basic principles of writing a definition essay was essential in ensuring that my revised paper was in the right format and structure, and presented it in a first-person perspective. To transform my complex prose to simple prose, I deleted redundancies, avoiding repetition, which enabled me to be succinct in my count and make my essay easily understood by my readers. Additionally, I used simple words to bring the full meaning of the text still and divided most long sentences into short sentences. Finally, proofreading my final revised assignment enabled me to eliminate grammatical errors, structural problems, sentence fragments, and ensuring that the writing is based on my viewpoint to make it definitive.

Identifying my writing problems and correcting them enhanced my comprehension of the basic principles of writing a definition essay. I learned that it is imperative to write simple prose and direct to the point that is easily understood and connects with the readers. Additionally, I realized that it is significant to ensure that writing, typing, and thinking speed are in balance to prevent most of the undetected writing mistakes. Finally, the work of writing requires constant research and practice to brace one’s self with vital principles. Moreover, I learned that practicing regularly, reading more to be conversant with effectual writings, and establishing outlines before writing is essential in ensuring that I write exceptional papers.

Analyzing personal weaknesses and strengths is vital as a writer. Some of my writing strength includes love of reading, commitment to long terms learning, and curiosity to find new aspects and discover different ways of effective writing. My writing strengths equipped me and enabled me to effectively identify my mistakes in my previous major assignment and correct them. However, I need to ensure that my writing, typing, and thinking speed are in sync to prevent most of the undetected writing mistakes. Moreover, I should also improve on my proofreading skills to minimize writing errors and correct most of my complex prose.

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