Free Essay Example on Air Pollution Prevention

Published: 2019-06-13
Free Essay Example on Air Pollution Prevention
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Air pollution is a matter of concern in the modern society, and this is due to the effects that it causes to the environment in the modern society. Air pollution entails some substances and among them are gasses and solid particles that are emitted in the air from cars. Other sources of air pollution can be chemicals that results during the processing phases in the factories, dust that result from the various activities, pollen and the mold spores (Boubel, 2013). When such substances are deposited as particles into the atmosphere, they are considered to be forms of air pollution. Ozone ranks among the most destructive air pollutants, and this is because of the effects that it leads to the destruction of the ozone layer and the resultant effect of global warming in the society. It is worth noting that some forms of air pollutants are poisonous, and there is the need for the society to understand such pollutants to take absolute care from such (Chen, 2013).

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In the discussion of the impacts of air pollution in the modern society, there is the need to focus on specific topics to enable the better understanding of the topics. This would serve to improve the knowledge of the society about the causes of air pollution and their consequences on the society (Xu, 2013). In this way, there are several topics that prove to be of great importance that aid in the understanding of air pollution. Some of the topics include the impact of air pollution on the war in Iraq, PM10 regulations and their history, the description of Bhopal disaster about air pollution and the impact of cadmium from air pollution on children.

The topics were selected for some reasons. The first reason is that they help the society to understand the interrelation between the sources of environmental pollution in the society and the help issues in humans. In this way, the society can be able to design various ways of reducing the health effects of air pollution hence reduce the number of deaths from the same. Secondly, the topics help in the identification of the effects of air pollution to the children and how air pollution increases infant mortality rate. In this manner, the medical practitioners benefits due to the knowledge they help and which help them in improving the quality of services to the children. Finally, the topics help in identifying the various methods that the society can use to reduce the sources of air pollution, this serves as a step towards the reduction of air pollution in the modern society.

The topics are of great interest first because they help in sensitizing the public about the general issue of air pollution. This makes the society engage activities that help in the reduction of air pollution or otherwise minimize the effects of air pollution in the society. Secondly, the topics are of great interest since they involve practical example of the effects of air pollution. This improves the understanding of the society and helps in appreciating the steps that environmentalists have taken in the process of reducing air pollution in the society. Finally, the topics are of great interest since they sensitize the society to develop innovative ways that they can use to tackle the challenges that result from air pollution. Such a step helps in creating solutions to the environmental problems facing the society among them being air pollution.

The significance of the topics is that they sensitize industries to understand the effects that they cause to the environment, and this helps in the development of preventive measures that reduce environmental degradation. Secondly, the topics serve as the platform for the formation of laws and regulations that governments use to curb the growing cases of environmental effects into the society. Finally, the topics prove to be of much significance since they help companies and industries to gain ideas about disaster management with the view of reducing adverse effects to the society. This also serves to reduce the health impacts of disasters to individuals in the society. There is the need for the society to learn about disaster management and prevent past mistakes occurring in future. Such strategies would help in improving the safety of workers in various factories and the safety of the public.

There are various topics that help the society in the conservation of the environment by ensuring that there is the maintenance of air quality. In this manner, it helps in the control of air pollution with the main interest being the reduction of the health impacts and the promotion of sustainable communities and development. This requires that the society gains interest in the conservation of the environment and engage in the activities that cause minimal negative effects on the environment. In this relation, there are various topics that discuss the air quality in the society, there is, therefore, need to identify five key topics that prove to be of greatest benefits to the society and which can help in the reduction of air pollution in the society. The five key topics on air quality are such as climatic change, development and the environment, energy and electricity, environmental economics and conservation of forests.

The topics are best suited to be used as topics for the research paper, and they are interesting because of some reasons in the society. The topics are of great interest first because they sensitize the society on the various ways that communities can use natural infrastructure in the building of resilience to climatic change. In this manner, the topics enable the identification of preventive means that society can apply to tackle the challenges in the environment and the greater problem of air pollution. In this manner, communities can engage in ways that they can use to tackle fruitfully environmental challenges and ensure that they conservation of the environment and that they maintain air quality. Secondly, the identified topics help in projecting the future sources of power and the identification of strategies that governments in collaboration with companies can unite to regulate and reduce the emission of carbon under the Clean Air Act.

The third reason the topics prove to be of interest is that they help in surveying the attitudes of various communities towards the preservation of clean air and examining whether such trends are in the right direction towards prevention of air pollution. Fourth, the topics enable the societies to rethink the risks involved towards the development of new approaches for the management of risks and the building resilience to climatic change. Finally, the topics would help governments in reforming institutions in the management of extremes and the development and adoption of policies that helps companies and society, in general, to adapt to climatic change. Policies that various countries employ that help societies to adapt to the changes in the environment enable the society to develop preventive methods against the various challenges that result from air pollution.

The first significance of the topics that have been identified is that the help the society with ideas that they can use to maximize the returns from the environment without promoting environmental destruction. In this manner, the topics help in ensuring that the present economic developments and the growing levels of technology do not affect the needs of the future generations. In this manner, the society would gain interest in the building of the society for the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their needs. Secondly, the topics help in proper planning and budgeting for the methods of environmental conservation since it identifies the modes of investing in the environment to improve the conservation of air quality. Finally, the topics affect changes in the agricultural development and identification of the ways that the society can determine the standards that the society needs to conform to. The enables awarding of eco-certification and motivate communities to engage in the promotion conservation of air quality.

The topics prove to be of importance in some ways; one of the ways is that they encourage communities to engage in activities that encourage biodiversity. In this manner, the society can develop lifestyles that help in the development of plant and animal life in the process of appreciating technological developments in the society. Such strategies prove to be of great importance since they serve to ensure that the current development activities do not jeopardize living organisms in the society. The topics also help in the identification of the various ecosystems services and the ways of managing the ecosystem and identification of the effects that poor air control has on the ecosystem. Finally, the topics sensitize communities about the impact of biomass and plant biofuels and the how they help in promoting energy efficiency without affecting air quality.

The topic that proves to be of greater importance is environmental economics. This is because the topic helps in educating communities about regulating performance initiative and keeping keen attention at resources for the future. In this manner, the society needs to employ the tools that environmental experts have identified and the designing and evaluation of local, state, regional and national policies that help in the preservation of the environment. The communities, therefore, appreciate the impact the Resources for the Future (RFF) has in the modern society (Boubel, 2013). The contribution of the organization also comes into play, and the environmental economics associated reflection on the desire of the environment helps in planning and budgeting for environmental conservation. The analysis of costs and benefits of maintenance of high-quality air and the preservation of the environment also comes into play that helps organizations to decide on the best ways of environmental preservation (Chen, 2012).

Various authors have engaged in the discussion of environmental economics and their ideas prove to be of great importance to the society. Chen (2012) suggests that environmental accounting is of a greater benefit to the society as it helps to ensure that the society is accountable for their activities that they engage in. This makes the society and most specifically manufacturing firms to become sensitive about their methods of production and the available avenues that aid in the preservation of clean air. Newby (2015) also posits that the impact of policy instruments and their evaluation helps in understanding the effectiveness of the policy instruments and how the society applies such strategies to preserve clean air and reduce environmental protection. The environmental policies also help in the identification of punitive measures to which the policy subjects on the environmental polluting organizations and the alternative avenues available for reducing air pollution.

Moreover, Valipour (2012) analyzes the impacts of the forests in the society and identifies the functions that forests serve as being home to several invaluable ecosystem goods and services. He appreciates the impact of the forests for being a source of wood products and the benefits that it leads towards the growth of economies worldwide. Valipour also appreciates the impact of RFF in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the forest management policies by ensuring that there is accountability on the economic, social and the environmental goals of the programs across regions. Valipour advice that the society needs to be keen on the program costs in the process of conserving the forests and maintaining air quality. Issues that arise and which deal with the conservation of forests as Royston (2013) submit are such as ways of min...

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