Essay Sample on Corporate Social Responsibility and Privacy

Published: 2023-08-27
Essay Sample on Corporate Social Responsibility and Privacy
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Globally some companies perceive green programs as avenues of misuse of vital resources, which might result in loss-making. While a profit bump may not be experienced once a company delves into green programs, evidence exemplified by a substantial portion of the corporate world ascertains that there is a minimal competition between ecology and economy (World Economic Forum, 2017). Green programs have been proven to accrue many advantages to the corporate world, including attracting investors, benefiting from new and upcoming markets, increasing profitability, and encouraging innovation. Concerning creating economic value, eco-based companies constitute a tendency of extinguishing high material costs by reducing material waste. Various governments are also in support of green program initiatives; thus, the value may be stretched to the future, creating economic sustainability. Unilever presents a subtle example of a multinational company that thrives on green programs while gaining from its social responsibility of supporting farmers. The company has done sustainability to be part and parcel of its identity. Unilever sets to source everything ranging from energy to water in the vicinity of their institutions. The company sees to it that its waste, of which 75% is nonhazardous, does not find its way in landfills. Unilever has also managed to triple its agricultural suppliers that utilize sustainable engagements since the adoption of green programs in 2010 (Unilever, n.d). Due to its commitment to environmentally friendly endeavor, the company's CEO was awarded the Champion of the Earth Award in 2015. Pertinent to data sharing by supermarkets, it is unethical for supermarkets to disclose data concerning their customers devoid of their consent, mainly if the data will be used for another reason other than that which it was initially intended. Selling data to another institution, e.g., the insurance company contravenes rules of privacy. For instance, in 2019, the California federal government signed a law amendment that will oblige institutions to disclose details of their customers and how it is used (Wharton University of Pennsylvania, 2019). Sharing data of a person without their consent should be burred, as it encourages profiteering companies that thrive on capitalizing on their customer's details.

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