Conflicts in a Team - Free Essay

Published: 2023-09-14
Conflicts in a Team - Free Essay
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In the new environment the business is to be set little knowledge is known and hence the apparent gap. The geographical dispersal of the project will not only strengthen the brand name but also will it be able to expand and improve the communication media of the oil and gas company. The interaction with the new environment inhabitants should be persuasive and social to ensure no harm and negativity is laid and instead, it is rebuked.

From the research, I learned that companies rarely research the need for leadership in global projects and thus it gives them a challenge to dominate the new environment. Most of the mistakes that arise are due to a lack of concern and regular checks on the company's progress which makes even projects and the project team relax. The stakeholders should regularly check and consult on the progress and help in solving any issues that arise. This will help to solve the struggle in most national objectives’ projects.

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Problem statement

The objective of this report and research was to check the cause of failure in most global projects and how the issue can be solved. The cause of the project failure was attributed to the leadership style and the relationship between the project manager and the stakeholders. The lack of progressive check-ups of the project leads to sudden failure and closure. Understanding cultural diversity is another problem that has been related to the project's failure. Projects are set in new environments and a good rapport should be created to ensure that they are conversant and social.

Purpose of Study

The main purpose of the report was to collect and analyze data for leadership requirements and the progress of a new multinational oil and gas project in the new emerging Africa.

Causes of Conflicts in a Team

Conflicts in a team emerge when there arise the roles are not divided and left for voluntary contributions. As a team leader conflict should be solved and all members awarded tasks that will be assessed regularly to ensure that no one becomes reluctant in the work.

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