Conflict Resolution at Workplace. Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-14
Conflict Resolution at Workplace. Essay Example
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I am a registered nurse, in xxx hospital. In the recent past, one and half years ago, I witnessed horizontal violence when I had a cousin who was hospitalized and I was asked to serve as medical power of attorney. During this time, I experienced tension with 3 registered nursing colleagues. They did not want to work with me because I was their team leader. Some of the nurses expressed inappropriate comments and slander towards me. At the same time, they complained about working conditions as well as my promotion. When I chatted with one of them, she revealed their plans to leave the job. I needed to know what was happening since my patient was suffering.

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Factors Contributing to this Conflict

Expectations about the level of performance in various registered nurses' roles are the major factor contributing to this conflict. As mentioned by Goff (2018), defining nurses’ roles at the hospital can be challenging. The level of education and nursing job profile is equally similar for all registered nurses, but promotions do not apply across the board. With the promotion, I was satisfied, but the expectation of other nurses had not been met. Also, a lack of openness and honesty in the working relationship is another factor contributing to this conflict (Raykova et al., 2018). Most likely, my nursing colleagues might have taught that I was hiding something from them and for that reason they disregarded the essence of teamwork. In the same parallel, reform is another factor contributing to this conflict. Some changes had been made in our hospital including my promotion. Since none of my nursing colleagues was promoted, this might be the leading cause of the conflict. However, working conditions is also another factor contributing to this conflict. Most nurses reported that they experienced stress at work. There is a lot of controversy in the workplace due to the consequence of inadequately applied management approaches (Higazee, 2015). Cases of inconsistency between the actions of registered nurses and the accepted norms create tensions and conflict.

Conflict Resolution

The nursing leader responded to the conflict immediately. He was ready to handle the conflict and prevent my nursing colleagues from resigning. However, he gave us some time to cool down and then invited us to his office to discuss the matter. We discussed the conflict in a face-to-face manner for an hour, but it was not successful. He involved the human resource management team and they wanted to know if the conflict is considering anyone quitting or if it is affecting the morale of other nurses (Northouse, 2018). After addressing the problem, everyone was impressed. We were required to move on without holding a grudge and act professionally.


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