Paper Example: Comparing and Contrasting Dark and Light Leaders

Published: 2023-08-24
Paper Example: Comparing and Contrasting Dark and Light Leaders
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Efficient leadership can be a complicated phenomenon in most organizations and government agencies. Most individuals tend to focus on the ethical (light) leadership side when having a look at leadership, but the contrary is ultimately the scenario. On the other hand, the other side is identified as an unethical (dark) aspect of leadership, and if one wishes to comprehend leadership as a whole, he or she ought to have a clear understanding of both sides. The disparity between lights and shadows should be understood by those who are evil or good (Fatfouta, 2019). Organizational leaders will exhibit various sorts and leadership styles, both ethical and unethical, harmful and nondestructive, and prejudiced and non-biased. Leaders with dark leadership qualities have to ensure that their leadership style becomes lighter (ethical) so that their personality traits do not become detrimental (Mainemelis, 2018). The paper contrasts and compares two notable leaders, one a light (ethical) leader, the other a dark (unethical) leader by giving a short biography of each leader. This further defines and explains the leadership style that both people use frequently, and it also provides an overview of how both leaders show their style of leadership. The actions or behavior patterns that made the leaders morally acceptable or morally corrupt, the impacts of the leaders on the establishment they operated, and the most essential life lesson learned from this course are both addressed and how to apply new knowledge in possible scenarios is also addressed.

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Prominent Light (Ethical) Leader

Brief Biography

Abraham Lincoln is one of the leaders regarded to be a notable (ethical) historical leader. In 1861, Abraham Lincoln was elected as the United States 16th President and was celebrated for all of his outstanding efforts as an ethical president. Lincoln decided to sign the Emancipation Proclamation into legislation in 1863, which required the abolition of all slaves associated with the confederacy to be set free and referred to as free slaves (Hunt, 2017). Secondly, in his tenure as President, Lincoln demonstrated sympathy and intellectual capacity by seeking to win the trust and admiration of everyone. Self-belief and respect are a critical and essential element of having an ethical leader. Lastly, during his tenure, Lincoln exhibited a fantastic sense of compassion. Hunt (2017) denotes that a good leader usually evaluates his or her own strong and weak points, is open to innovative ideas and is not usually compromised by power or the position he or she serves (Hunt, 2017).

The Leadership Style Used By Lincoln

Lincoln employed a transformational leadership style, most which made him successful in his endeavors. Transformational leadership style is a style in which a leader operates with groups to identify necessary change, create a vision for transformation through motivation, and execute changes in conjunction with dedicated team members. Through their temperament, transformational leadership can inspire their team to accomplish the vision or objectives of the leader. With an empowering mission and vision, the leader inspires and provides an identity to his or her adherents (Galli, 2017). Typically, transformation leaders execute four different behaviors, also identified as the four I’s. These traits are a motivating factor for inspiration, authentic leadership, and intellectual challenge. Inspiring individualization encouragement is where the leader encourages their supporters to achieve laid down goals

How Lincoln Demonstrated Transformational Leadership Style

Lincoln was a transformational leader and a promoter of progress as he pushed for the abolition of slavery while at the same time maintained the confederation. Lincoln had an exceptional capacity to express his aspirations to his citizens. He made ideas clear and interacted with an understanding of his citizens’ issues. In his second inaugural address, Lincoln concentrated on putting back the country and expressing compassion to everyone and healing the bruises of the country (Johnson, 2019). Lincoln was a transparent critic and questionable president (Friedman, 2019). He inspired his leadership through conversation with the American society at that time and used the viewpoint of others to self-correct his errors and enhance his national reputation. The former United States President acknowledged advice but also pursued his intuition when he felt it appropriate.

Particular Act or Behavior That Made Lincoln an Ethical Leader

President Lincoln’s ethical position was compromised by the fact that slavery was legal under the Constitution, as well as an effort to eradicate slavery would be a breach of his role-based ethical responsibility to defend the Constitution which he had taken in his oath before becoming president of the United States. President Lincoln was able to overcome this ethical dilemma by approving an Emancipation Proclamation (Friedman, 2019). This enabled him to uphold his pledge of allegiance to uphold the Constitution because of his extraordinary power in times of war. His role in the process led to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and the end of slavery in the United States of America.

The Effects Lincoln Had On the Lives of Americans

Lincoln handled other people whom he met with sincerity, graciousness, moral courage, fairness, and elegance through constant practice and meticulous commitment, even when Lincoln reached the president’s high political position. Even in Lincoln’s lifespan, individuals were impressed by him. Lincoln also prompted the 13th Amendment, which resulted in the abolition of slavery in the USA (Johnson, 2019). He felt that everyone should be equal and not discriminated against on the grounds of their skin color.

Prominent Dark (Unethical) Leader

Brief Biography

Donald Trump has spurred the most ethically questionable presidency in the United States of America history, as per a series of reports by a government ethics regulatory body. Washington’s Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) criticized the U.S. President of merging public interest issues with actions that benefit his profit margins. Donald John Trump is America’s 45th and assumed office on January 20, 2017, to date (Hunt, 2018). The Trump regime faces exceptional magnitude and extent of legal and ethical allegations. It is unsurpassed in the present society, and maybe in the history of the country, for a first-year regime. The performance of this regime, from the president downwards, jeopardizes the centuries-old Americanism of a ruling party that represents the needs of the people of the United States, rather than promoting the needs of those in power.

The Leadership Style Used By Trump

The U.S. president has undoubtedly overlooked his inauguration pledge of allegiance and displays more of a style that sincerely falls under autocratic and authoritarian leadership style. An authoritarian style of leadership is displayed when a leader dictates guidelines, laws, policies, and procedures and decides what objectives are to be accomplished. The leader also manages and controls all operations without the juniors or citizens taking any active engagement. Such a dictator assumes full responsibility for the team, leaving lower standards within the group (Johnson, 2019). Autocratic leadership is a type of leadership style that is marked by absolute control over all decisions, and minimal group members’ input. Autocratic leaders usually decide things personal opinions and assertions, and completely overlook the recommendation from others. How Trump Demonstrated Authoritative/ Autocratic Leadership Styles

President Trump regards his followers as stupid enough to manipulate them. Also, he considers other people as stepping stones to achieve his personal goals without taking into consideration other people’s needs. He views women as sexual objects which can be used at his will to satisfy his own needs (Al Khajeh, 2019). He wants other heads of states and other leaders to swear allegiance to him instantly. He has snatched away affordable protective homes, monetary, and ecosystem environmental laws that were checked against corrupt practices from his Republican Backer. He has triggered an increase in taxes for poor people while allowing the rich to skip paying taxes. The coronavirus pandemic is a typical case: all Trump has done and continues to do from the earliest stages is to take steps to protect the stock market, and he has no worries about the overall impact of the pandemic on the American populace (Friedman, 2019). The continued lies at press briefings on coronavirus disease are proof that he is seeking to defend capital markets instead of the lives of the public.

Particular Act or Behavior That Made Trump an Ethical Leader

Also, the United States House of Representatives approved to impeach Trump, seeking to make him the third president to be forced out of office united State history. The House Judiciary Committee had approved two impeachment proceedings toward President Trump. The first said Trump undertook an unjustifiable crime by withdrawing $391 million from Ukrainians in military assistance before her government declared an inquiry into Joe Biden’s operations (Chukwusa, 2019). The article stated that the government exploited the presidency’s powers, misled the country, and posed a constant threat to national security and the Constitution. The second report indicated that Trump impeded constitutional rights in exerting pressure on government agencies and leaders to violate numerous arrest warrants authorized by congressional committees set up to examine the acts of the president regarding Ukraine.

The Effects Trump Has On the Lives of Americans

President Trump has increased taxes for the vulnerable, needy people while allowing the wealthy to escape paying. Also, he has stripped away healthcare and welfare and education funding that was meant for those Americans that were in need. He has started to fall for the North Korean manipulations. He has raised tariffs on his citizens and humiliated a number of global leaders. He is a Russian tool and a Chinese puppet (Spain, 2019). Many American citizens feel he has done anything of substance for American yet due to his poor leadership techniques. President Trump has failed to stop the protests that are taking place in the United States of America following the death of George Floyd. He is using threats to halt the protests instead of engaging with concerned parties to solve police brutality in the United States territory.

The Most Important Lesson I Have Learned From This Course and Its Applications In Future Situations

I have learned that all leaders should take all ethical pressures and must make every attempt to achieve knowledgeable, ethical decisions and promote ethical conduct among supporters. I have also learned about the difficulties associated with ethical leadership, which include having an inherent personal problem with my team leader is one thing, but being rude or behaving unethically is another wrong thing. One hurdle of ethical leaders is the capacity to consistently abide by the regulations and guidelines that I establish for my enterprise, which questions my consistency as a leader. Organizational or workplace culture and environment can also be a hurdle to ethical leadership. By adopting better leadership styles and distancing myself from unethical practices, I will be in a better position to inspire my team to achieve organizational goals, which in turn will turn to profits.

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