Code of Ethics Probably Don't Work - Paper Example

Published: 2023-08-27
Code of Ethics Probably Don't Work - Paper Example
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The development of technology has been a force of good. Still, it does not guarantee the security and safety of information due to misinformation, biases, and erosion of moral standards due to disrespect and lack of privacy. It has made several tech companies to device ways to improve the security of their products. One of the ways that have been proposed is the use of a code of ethics, such as doctors and lawyers have (Schwab). Some of the organizations have responded to this suggestion, like the software engineering association, which issued its Hippocratic Oath for its developers. However, the fundamental question is whether the code of ethics will work effectively. A study done by Professor Emerson Murphy-Hill of North Carolina State University indicated that the decision making by software engineers and developers was more likely to be informed by previous high profile cases rather than regulations in the form of code of ethics. Therefore, these developers' decision-making can be influenced by allowing them to use case studies of problems in the tech industry from the experiences of tech companies in history. The system of decision making based on previous occurrences may, however, be specific to the kind of the profession. Some companies like the Dark Patterns-UX make decisions based on unethical grounds as it involves getting people to do things they don’t want rather than developing a professional code of ethics (Schwab). Such tech companies can be advised to direct their goals toward healthy and less addictive developments. For instance, what they create at their interfaces to make people happier and be more effective in the activities they are engaged in.

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SPJ Code of Ethics

The Society of Professional Journalist has established a professional code of ethics which guides all their activities. It is in t believe that enlightenment of people through conveying of information compliments justice and democracy. Specifically, there are four principles contained in the code of ethics that guide their activities. These include seeking truth and report it, minimizing harm, acting independently, and being accountable and transparent (Society of Professional Journalists). Finding truth and reporting requires that the journalist ensures that the information they are reporting is accurate and fair. The journalist should not use speed or time as an excuse for errors they make. Therefore, they should scrutinize their information before releasing it to ensure that it is neither oversimplified nor misinterpreted. It may require that they provide the context, and even references for the report were applicable so that they do not make errors. The information being submitted should protect against potential harm and discomfort among colleagues, sources, subjects, and members of the public. Therefore, it should have compassion for the people who may be affected by the news coverage. This means that they have to consider the consequences of publishing information and the broadcasting channels they are using, considering that private people contain a higher control of information than the public figures. Journalists are expected to act indigently and avoid any circumstances that may comprise independence, having people influence their reports. It may include gifts, the money of unique treatments that would change the resorts they are making. It also involves that they should not pay to get access to information and have distinguished between advertising and sun hybrids. Lastly, they should be accountable and transparent in all their reporting, which involves explaining their report and the ethical choices required. They acknowledge mistakes and respond to concerns that are raised.


Is the professional code of etic practical?

Does a professional code of ethics apply to all sectors?

How effective has a professional code of ethics been in the sectors which have already applied it?

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