Essay Sample on Classification and Division of Vacations

Published: 2023-02-09
Essay Sample on Classification and Division of Vacations
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The Cambridge Dictionary defines vacation as a period when a person does not attend work or school. The individual is free during this time and wants to change the environment. Therefore, a person will take a vacation to stay far from the daily activities. Individuals can travel to different destinations for their vacation. One can take a holiday in the form of a trip abroad, to the beach, city, a group tour, or even a road trip. A vacation attended is a trip to the Walt Disney World parks including the Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. Among the three parks, the holiday spend in Animal Kingdom Park was the best. The essay describes the characteristics of the three types of vacations and discusses the Animal Kingdom as the best park for the whole family because it features rides, entertainment, and educational experiences.

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Characteristics of Vacations in the Various Parks. The three different types of parks in Walt Disney World offer various facilities and services to any person going there, including travelers, tourists, and locals.

The Magic Kingdom. Based on the Disney website, the Magic Kingdom Park is highly known for its playing facilities, surprise celebrations, and the classic Disney attractions ( The Magic Kingdom provides visitors to the park with super popular rides. During a vacation, the Magic Kingdom is a useful park for discovering more ways to play. For instance, at the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, different methods of playing and getting entertained in the process are available. Enhancements have been made at the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party ( A person cannot miss enjoying attractions such as the space mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, the mad tea party, and new monsters Inc. laugh floor. The space mountain is a rocket that attracts people with its complete darkness within the chords and riffs to create a unique Halloween soundtrack. The Pirates of the Caribbean will set sail for the traveler to go onto the high seas, thereby discovering a live pirates crew, engage in an entirely new adventure performing pirate activities. In the mad tea party, one will enjoy spinning oneself in the frenzy while listening to the music accompanied by special lighting that creates an enhanced effect and a much better experience. The mew monsters Inc. laugh floor has a tree trail that people follow to experience the Monster World that is different from the Human World. Comic monster casts make one eager in learning the Halloween vacation (

When in need of celebrating events such as Christmas in style, the Magic Kingdom is the place to go for a vacation. A person can party with Disney friends such as Minni and crew, as well as Boogie down with Mickey. The Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party provides travelers with a different experience of enjoying the oh-so-jolly winter festivity ( The Mickey and Santa Tool are most available during the Christmas holiday, and a person must be ready to experience the magical vacation gathering with families and friends at the Magic Kingdom. Disney Characters are available during these celebrations, and one can be assured of meeting several Disney faces at the Magic Kingdom during a vacation. Interacting and sharing with Disney Characters such as Santa Claus, Scrooge McDuck, and Sandy Claws is an experience one would not want to be left out as a way of cheering oneself at the Magic Kingdom Park among others (

At the Magic Kingdom Park, a tourist on vacation will also enjoy viewing the classic Disney attractions such as the Peter Pan Flight where people fly over London using the magical pirate ship that never lands. The whimsical boat ride in the "it's a small world" is a Magic Kingdom attraction that gives the experience of singing children while on a boat ride all over the world. At the Pirates of the Caribbean, a person can sail using an adventurous voyage and experience the pirate era when they reigned the seas.

The Animal Kingdom. At the Animal Kingdom Park, there are few rides, a lot of animals, and real-life adventures that any person visiting the Walt Disney World would enjoy ( There are few rides mainly undertaken during the extra magic hours. A vacation at the Animal Kingdom Park will enable one to enjoy the selected theme parks such as the Star Wars. The most popular rides that a person will enjoy with the family include the Dinosaur, Kilimanjaro, and Mt. Everest. Attractions such as the New Pandora "The World of Avatar" are fantastic, real-life adventures that bring about all in one entertainment experience ( On the New Pandora, an individual will enjoy the Avatar flight on the back of the mountain in an exciting ride above the large land passage. A party with Donald's Dino-Bash is also enjoyable while learning more about the history of the dinosaurs.

A visitor on vacation to the Walt Disney World can explore the wilds and wonders of the world including the Rivers of Lights show at night. For instance, a vacation at the Animal Kingdom allows a person to take a family adventure and experience the Na' vi River Journey by taking deep navigation within the rainforest. There are lots of animals and birds to view at the Animal Kingdom Park ( The UP! is a great bird adventure where a person can discover the fantastic and unusual birds. There are a twenty-five minutes show and entertainment filled with fun featuring Russell and Dug from Disney and Pixar's UP. A vacation to the Animal Kingdom allows a person to explore Russell and Dug on their happy flapping adventure. Following the show enables one to see how Russell and Dug earned the Bird Badge, goes to the Anandapur village, met Jones, and learns about the different bird species all over the world ( Visit the Animal Kingdom Park and celebrate almost every type of living thing known on earth, including wild animals and birds from Africa, conservation areas, butterflies, bugs, and invertebrates, among others. On vacation to the Walt Disney World, a family or an individual should visit the Animal Kingdom Park and engage in entertaining animal shows.

Epcot. It is a park in Disney World that provides tourists with few rides, much entertainment festivals and shows as well as hotels and restaurants ( One would associate the Epcot with the adults and not kids due to the type of facilities and services offered there. The fair rides provided at the Epcot Park include Guardians of the Galaxy, New Innovation Pavillion, and Remy Ratatouille. The Guardians of the Galaxy Attraction provides a next-generation roller coaster that allows visitors to ride and have an experience like that of action-packed films. The innovation at the Pavilion presents an exciting city at the Epcot Park featuring imaginable plays, favorite characters in Disney, fun and hands-on activities. An adventure at the Remy's Ratatouille in Epcot Park is an experience not to be missed while on vacation at the Walt Disney World. The Remy's Ratatouille gives the viewer a 4D experience reduced to the Remy size.

There are festivals that any person visiting the Disney World can enjoy at the Epcot Park such as the International Festival of the Arts, Garden Festival, International Food, and Wine Festival. The festivals give tourists unforgettable experiences of global cuisines, music, exceptional dining and pairings, and delightful activities for the entire family ( For instance, at the Epcot Park, a family on vacation should enjoy their day embarking on a scavenger hunt throughout the world showcased on the playground for much fun. It is exciting to travel all over the world under the sea and in outer space and beyond. A person can also take a thrilling walk through nations and continents at the Epcot Park in search of fascinating cuisines.

The Best Vacation

A vacation at the Animal Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World is the best when compared to the Epcot and Magic Kingdom parks. The Animal Kingdom provides more than just entertainment and rides to visitors on their vacation. For the entire family vacation, the Animal Kingdom will give not only leisure and rides, but also the educational experiences that tourists at the Walt Disney World obtain from the visit. Everyone has something to enjoy and learn at the Animal Kingdom Park. Unlike the Epcot where the park mostly concentrates on adult entertainment facilities and services, the Animal Kingdom Part allows both adults and children to experiences the wild in the form of shows, films and festivals.

Comparing the Animal Kingdom Park and the Magic Kingdom, the latter concentrates on entertainment facilities to visitors such as playgrounds, Disney attractions, and celebrations. There are fewer rides available at the Animal Kingdom Park when compared to the Magic Kingdom, and this gives the family on vacation more opportunity to engage in viewing birds and animals. There are many educational experiences in the Animal Kingdom Park, and this is useful to the entire family. Children and adults can learn different bird species, animals from different countries, and especially the African continent. The learning activities are applicable in biology and ecology.


In conclusion, among the three chosen parks at the Walt Disney World including the Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot, the Animal Kingdom is the best park for a vacation for the entire family as it features educational experiences, entertainment, and rides. The other two offer rides and entertainment; however, the Animal Kingdom Park provides the family with more features of animals, birds, and any other living thing on earth. These educational materials give children and adults to learn about living things and their environment. Children can apply that knowledge in school when studying science subjects such as biology and ecology. When planning for a family vacation at the Walt Disney World, a person should consider choosing the Animal Kingdom Park to experience new travel, rides, entertainment, and education about living things.

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