Free Essay Example: About the Book Alchemist

Published: 2023-04-23
Free Essay Example: About the Book Alchemist
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"The Alchemist" book by Paulo Coelho gives a story of the young Arab who decided to seek his legend. The young Arab simply described as the boy had earlier made a decision that brought him doubts after his meeting with the Englishman. But the boy understood one thing; that "Making a decision was only the beginning of things. When someone makes a decision, he is diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision." This statement was a great step in the young Arab's life of seeking his treasure. Decision making is a key factor for one to pursue their dreams. In my case, I aim to become a great entrepreneur to a point that respect follows me because of my success. The aspect of deciding to begin is the most important in making this dream come to pass.

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The boy joined a desert caravan which he thought was the wisest decision, but the journey and its destination remained a misery to him. The caravan composed of about two hundred people, and four hundred animals led by able leaders who were believed to hold the power of life and death of each person in the caravan. These big numbers signaled security and unity. This signifies the need for teamwork in my quest for entrepreneurial success. I need suppliers, buyers, distributors, and laborers for the success of this journey. No success can be achieved without the effort of another hand.

At one time as the boy wandered in the desert, he looked up and saw a pair of hawks flying high in the sky when suddenly one of the hawks made a flashing dive and attacked the other. Little did he know that this was a great milestone in his search for his treasure; as this predicted an attack of the oasis by the enemies. His vision gave him a chance to meet with an Alchemist who helped him find his Personal Legend. The boy's exhibition of great bravery during her first encounter with the alchemist who appeared in the form of a strange horseman proved his great desire to attain his treasure. If people decide to gain courage and fully pursue their dreams, then the fulfillment of those dreams would be simplified. However if fear pulls us back then we will stagnate and fail to fulfill our aims in life.

The aspect of courage is very important because it signifies the initial step towards success. Most people fail to fulfill their desires in life because they lack confidence thus unable to believe in themselves. If people stand firm and fight for what they want in life, then this world would be in a better position. An example is when I decided to open a boutique in town some years back. People believed that the business will fail due to the poor economy that was experienced in the country but I had confidence in the business and my entrepreneurial skills. Currently, the business is at its peak because of my confidence in it and my passion to work towards it. Therefore, the key and basic step is to believe in your dreams and have confidence in your steps. This is a great lesson I gained in my boutique business journey.

It is vital to have dreams but also believing in your steps towards achieving them. The first step is to make a realistic decision, believe in it, make achievable steps and have courage. It is good to be determined as you work towards achieving those dreams. Finally, teamwork is very important. Have trusted people who will support you as you climb the ladder.

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