Free Essay Sample on Christian Ethics

Published: 2018-01-17
Free Essay Sample on Christian Ethics
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We are called to love them and support them whenever we can. That's not to say that we shouldn't speak to them to help them make a choice that we may feel is what God would want. We can encourage them to believe that there is a purpose on this earth for this child just as there is a purpose on this earth for them.

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Ethical Research Paper

If we believe that everyone is created in the womb by God and he know everyone before they are born then I believe God has the power also to help a woman to have the heart needed to make a choice that is pleasing to Him. I think God puts each of us through trials and tribulation to learn and to grow. This helps us to cultivate that inner character and shape up in o the person he wants us to be. This child whether it is to be born or not is a trial or test for this woman, and God is in control of the outcome and the judgment. If we have not been through such a test, who are we to judge how another should respond. We are only in control of our actions and reactions to any given situation. Our reactions to someone who has had an abortion should be to love and support them not to shame the. If it is to help someone to make a choice our words and actions should be loving and supportive in the way that would be pleasing to God regardless of the outcome.

Ultimately everyone is in search of happiness. Every decision one makes I would assume is to make themselves or the people around them happy. This is a personal choice, and another person or culture cannot make that decision for them. Our happiness cannot come from their decision our happiness must come from our actions and reactions to this type of scenario. We must act in a way that is pleasing to God. "True happiness can be found if we train ourselves to respond in a way that would be pleasing to God. If we stop and ask ourselves "What would Jesus do?" Whenever we are in a situation and then act according, we will be training ourselves always to act in a way that is pleasing to God. Whatever is pleasing to God will fill our hearts with happiness.

Christian Ethics Today

If we are truly faithful and believe God has the power to create all things then why do we fight issues such as abortion so strongly? Do we not believe that God has the authority to change the hearts of the mother making the decision? Do we not believe that God had the power to have that baby conceived in the first place? He had known the heart of this mother before he put the baby in her womb. He was aware that what he was doing when creating this child. He was mindful of the fact that the outcome was for this baby would either be born or be a test or sacrifice to cultivate the mother’s personal character or to improve the nature of those around her. God is almighty, who are we to think we know the answer to how or why this child was conceived or whether or not he intended for this baby to be born. He has the power to save the child as much as he had the authority to create the child.

We live in a modern day where technology has changed the way we do just about everything. Therefore we have to accept that technology does play a role in human life and abortion as well. Some people say that every child conceived should be born. I think a new jerk reaction would be that I tend to agree with this statement. However, there are many cultural reasons why this is not possible. Some cultures believe in gender selections while others do not believe in gender selection of a child. In other societies there a minimum or maximum child laws that regulate the number of children a family should have. Societies should be given room to make decisions that define who they are without interference from other societies. We always seek God; we are growing our virtuous character to please God by striving to live according to His teachings.

We will see our worldview differently and seek to evangelize others for Him. Others will take notice of our actions, hopefully, and realize the errors of their ways. He wants us to obey Him and carry on with the Great Commission to spread the gospel to others. He loves us and sent His son, the only perfect person that ever walked the earth, to die for our sins. We cannot make it in this sinful world without Him.

What is Christian Ethics

Therefore I do not believe we can come to a morally or ethically correct answer to abortion. Nor do I think it is my place or anyone’s place to make a decision for someone else body or an unborn child’s life. I do not believe that abortions should be used as a means of birth control. I do not agree with late term abortion. Does this mean that I think all cases of abortion are morally wrong? I am uncertain. I do not believe it is up to me to cast judgment. In Ecclesiastes 12:14 the Bible says that “ For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.” This shows that God will judge and His only one who has the power to judge for anyone.

We live in a very diverse world with diverse cultures and beliefs. Some cultures support abortion for their own reasons while others are against abortion based on their beliefs. The principle of doubt effect states that an otherwise good act that has some undesirable consequences of effects is morally permissible if it meets this criterion. This leads me to believe that in the case of abortion that will save the mother’s life or even in the case of rape it is morally permissible. This is my thought because I feel that a traumatic event such as rape and conceiving a child out of that scenario, could lead to further psychological damage to the mother which I believe should be considered dangerous to her health. Now this is my opinion only and does not agree with how I interpret God's word. I do strongly feel like God knows us before He creates us, I feel like we have a soul after we die and that leads me to believe we have a soul before we are born.

When someone passes, I can still feel their presence and feel as though I can speak to them. Even if the unborn child is aborted, I feel like they already exist, so even without life on earth, I feel as though their spirit is alive and regardless if the mother aborts I strongly feel the mother will always feel the child's spirit.



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