Free Essay Example - Children Psychology

Published: 2023-03-20
Free Essay Example - Children Psychology
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Parenting is an important aspect of the growth and development of a child. Parents, the father and the mother have various and varied obligations towards the child. In case of the absence of one parent, there would be a disparity in the responsibility towards the child as far as parenting is concerned. Lack of either or both of the parents not only affects the children psychologically but also has a potential negative impact on the child. For instance, most children find themselves on the streets as a result of breakage in families as a result of the death of one parent, separation or divorce.

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Thesis statement; children who grow up in single-mother households can result in poverty or even school failure compared to children who grow up with both parents.

Analysis of the Cases

Children Who Grow Up in a Single Mother Household Can Result in Poverty or School Failure Compared To Children Who Grow Up With Both Parents.

From a cross-national viewpoint, children from single mothers are likely to suffer from the lack of education and poverty. Simply because of lack of financial challenges, and this is because their parents have less income, this means the children will suffer from material disadvantages compared to children who grow up in more affluent two parent's homes (Kazak, Anne, and Robert 146) these will result to them not going to school and it will also raise the risk of poverty.

Children from singles mothers may receive less effective parenting and discipline. These states that this single mother works full time. When a single mother is working and balancing the requirement of an overseeing household, she will have less time energy to monitor her children (Nelson, Eve, and Susana 218). It will result in these children not attending school and lack some basic needs compared to children who grow from both parents, and their parents have the time to monitor their kids and given everything they need.

Single mother environment may influence children's behaviors which can indirectly affect the learning and interest in school (Kazak, Anne, and Robert 146). When single mothers work fulltime and therefore have less available time for their children, the situation may lead to behavior issues or lower academic achievements to the children, which will result in school failure compared to children who grow from both parents.

An income from a single mother puts children households at risk for poverty. Poverty is stressful and can have many emotion effects on children, which includes lower self-esteem; this will make it very difficult for the children to socialize with others because they don't have what children from both parents have ( Ten et al 7 ). Increase the risk of anger this will result to these children have anger which will affect their behavior change, other emotional effects of growing up in a single mother include sadness, this result to these children hating themselves because they do not have what it takes to have both parents.

Difficult to Connect and Socialize with Others.

Children Who Grow Up in Single-Mother Households Do Not Result in Poverty or School Failure Compared To Children Who Grow Up With Both Parents.

Single mothers can have a positive effect on their children. Single mothers supervise and support their children, directly enhancing their children's well-being. Single mother's households closely monitor their children's behavior knowing where they are and who they are with; this type of monitoring is a powerful way of weather children participate in problem behaviors (Firmansyah 45). Single mothers tend towards more involvement in their children's schools and express higher education goals when combined, monitoring and educational supports help the children not fail school compared to children from both parents.

Children living with single mothers have lower- levels of risk-taking behaviors. When compared to children from both parents, these children report lower levels of substance abuse such as drinking, smoking and drugs, and they are less likely to have a long-lasting relationship (Firmansyah 45). These are because their single mothers work so hard to provide for them; their basic needs will not lead them to poverty. Like some of the single mothers work two jobs a day to provide for their children.

Children from single mothers do not result in poverty. Simply because their mothers are the ones that manage their finances, and single mothers have the choice to decide how to spend their money on their children, they will also have a better position to plan their finances (Firmansyah 45). When they start to finance their children instead of going for income and expenditure account that there may have done like two parents, they realize that most decisions such as the type of home their children will live in and what their children will be eating. And this will not lead to their children living in poverty or no go to school because their mothers have a plan on the finances.

Single mother's children will be responsible for their mother's property. Simply because they know how hard it is to be raised by a single mum, and single mothers will have to handle work all by themselves, single mothers will teach their children how to be responsible for their actions at a young age. Being a single parent will help their children to be a team player and work together as a team. These will help the children at school on how to relate with other children and gain interest in school. Instead of making their children rely on them, children will learn the importance of planning and handling their actions. These will instill a sense of responsibility that will come from participating in teamwork and the everyday decision -making the process (Ten et al 7). These will help the children to be responsible for their property which will not lead to poverty. Also, it will help them gain an interest in education, compared to children who grow from both parents.


In conclusion, the future of a child may be connected to the form of parenting the child gets. Although it is not always a determinant, a parent, whether one or both directs the child's life. These is achieved through setting a role model, through motivation to work hard or to behave well. Financial support during schooling and the provision of basic needs are also other significant contributions of the parents. This makes the child a success in life.

However, this does not always happen as not all children brought up by both parents become a success. Even the children who are brought by single parents can obtain quality parenting from the single parent, other contributions by the community as well as nurturing the child towards success.

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