Characteristics of Nursing Research Utilization, Free Essay

Published: 2022-03-31
Characteristics of Nursing Research Utilization, Free Essay
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The theoretical foundations of research methodologies have differences in the way they work, their uses and where they are used. Based on those differences every method too, has its advantage and disadvantage. To add on that, there is a suggestion from the researchers that the qualitative and quantitative research methods should both be used for reliability and validity of any nursing research studies. Therefore both methods have been used to develop the evidence-based protocols that we use today. My paper will thus discuss the disadvantages and advantages of using the two research methods. There is a proposal that the valuable way to discover the truth in a research study is by combining the two methods and their strengths in triangulation that is if there are enough finances and time (Blais, 2015). However, if researchers only prefer using one method of enquiry, then there might be restrictions on the efficacy of the research quality in nursing knowledge development.

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Firstly, quantitative research is rigorous, formal, objective and a systematic process that is used in the generation of numerical information all over the world. The research method is mostly conducted in the description of new events, situations, concepts, examination of relationships among the different variables and finally in a determination of treatments effectiveness all over the world. Therefore, quantitative research has several advantages that makes the methodology to be put into use during research in the field of health (Grove, Burns, & Gray 2014). One of the advantages of quantitative research involves; it uses very few variables and mostly uses the procedures that are prescribed in ensuring reliability and validity to make research replicated then analyze and make a comparison of it with similar research studies.

On the other hand, the quantitative research method has disadvantages which are because it gives a narrower dataset which is sometimes superficial. The results from the quantitative research data seem to be limited since they do not provide a detailed narrative but rather give a numerical description (Grove, Burns, & Gray 2014). Moreover, they only provide few intricate accounts of the perception of human beings.

The qualitative research method is, on the other hand, systematic and subjective. The method is used in the description of life experiences as you give them meaning. The research method is not new in the behavioral and social science. The interest of nursing profession in the qualitative research method started in the late 1970s, and its growth has continued growing up to date. The research method has some advantages that come from an in-depth analysis of phenomena and utilization of subject data. It is also not limited to variables that are definable; it also deals with questions that are value-laden, it builds up new theories, helps in the examination of complex questions that are not possible using quantitative methods and finally helps in an exploration of new research areas (Grove, Burns, & Gray 2014). Thus, that means this research method provides research on the human aspect. On the other hand, the disadvantage of qualitative research methodology is there, being that it may cause the presence of researchers among the people they are studying have distorted findings.

In conclusion, during nursing research, there is an equal value that comes from the combination of both quantitative and qualitative research methods. The two methods of research are used in conducting researches in the medical field of nursing that transcends and accurate to provide researchers with results which leads to the positive outcome of the patients.


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