Essay Example on Investigating Relevance of Historic Curriculum to Learners

Published: 2019-09-12
Essay Example on Investigating Relevance of Historic Curriculum to Learners
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Actions: I researched and consulted different institutions that have been known to use the curriculum. I conducted interviews from learner who have been subjected to the use of historic curriculum. This was vital in getting their views on what they think about the curriculum as a way of coming up with merits and demerits

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Results: In line with merits and demerits, a sizeable number of students come to an agreement that the curriculum was easy to learn and had a great impact in their lives due to its ability to teach life lessons and moral codes. It was also evident that mastery proved difficult due to intense study of events that are characterized with exact dates and names of people.

Motivated skills: communication skills, research methods, analytical skills

Skills I use constantly: from my point of view I have frequently have had to use my research methods skills and communication skills

Skills that help me reach my goals: determination, hard work, they have had a great impact on me giving me the push that I need in order not give up until I get to where I dream of being

Skills I need to develop: I really think I need to boost my confidence levels as is a key skill for anyone in any profession. Confidence is also known to go hand in hand with Good leadership.

Option A


What do you think are my greatest strengths? The level of each strength that I happen to possess is greatly influenced by my interests. I rather do a particular thing that am interested in compared to one that am not. As a result my interest in research work was ranked as strength 1 as I follow up and spent time doing research. Am articulate and eloquent that explains my good communication skills as strength 2. Ranked last was my writing skill since I show less interest in it.

Review of exercise

This exercise has been an eye-opener. I am now aware of many skills that were aqriured. Not only have I been able to recall achievements. I have leant ways in which I could solve certain challenges and problems in future.

Personality Profile Such As Myers Briggs Type Indicator or Similar

Result of Humanmetrics Diagnostic Jung Typology Test

Humanmetrics Diagnostic Reflective Question

Is this how you see yourself?

Yes I do. I have always viewed myself a social being who relates quite easily with people around me. Am also good at creating relationships with new people.Do you believe this is how people see me?

I have a strong conviction they do considering most of my friends seem to agree with the results.

How does this fit with my personal brand?

The personality text definitely fits my personality as I like socializing a lot and I have always viewed myself as some who is able to move masses by sharing with their pains and inner most feelings as a way to helping them.

Which aspect of type do I agree with most?

I agree with the feeling type which I honestly describes the typical me. In most cases and situations I will choose to act under compassion putting into consideration the other person. This does not mean that i am not rational, yes I am I just tend to follow what my gut tells me.

Which aspect of type do I disagree with?

I tend to disagree my score of preference of perceiving over judging. I feel like I am superb at gaging situation and coming up with appropriate decisions.

How has any of the types influenced my past achievements?

I will relate my past achievements that were directly linked to by ability to easily interact and express myself due to my very strong Extravert nature which goes hand in hand with good articulation, confidence and communication skills.

How do I feel about the careers highlighted?

I absolutely find them relevant. I feel that I should join a career path that needs a person with an outstanding personality like me. I however think theres room for improvement to sharpen my skills to be relevant in my career.

Work Based Competencies Exercise

Workshop activity - Communication

When you were able to communicate effectively and where you were able to positively influence a person or persons successfully?


When I had was a tutor of an institution whose curriculum was historic based, I was faced by situation of having to explain to learners the importance of having continuous assessment texts, research assignments and final exams as a way of standardizing and gaging the understanding of the subject by the students. It is vital as way of confirmation of deep understanding of the context by the learner in the process teaching hidden curricular that are of great value.


As an instructor I had to ensure that the learners understand the importance of taking tests to gage their understanding. It was time to give them the right mindset changing their attitude toward standardization. I also took it upon me to ensure they view cats and final term exams as helpful rather than distrustful.

Action.Although it was not going to be east to convince a bunch of learners the importance of doing texts, I was willing to try and convince them of what the curriculum requirements are. The most important thing was trying and explain to them why the texts exist. First and foremost listening to their views would also be a great idea in order to get where they were coming from. I had to outline the requirements of the curriculum which is obviously clearly stated by those who designed and developed it. Afterwards, there was going to be need for a strong conviction of why it was important to take text after any teaching of the curriculum. It would be necessary to elaborate reasons especially because text are a major way of gaging understanding of the contexts and concepts of any curriculum. A strong message of incomplete credits could be passed in any case of skipping of texts or exams in accordance to the stated requirements. The bottom line is texts are part of any curriculum and are done for the good of the learner.


As a result of the extensive talk, learners were able to change mindsets and attitudes toward tests. Amazingly, they received challenges with positivity and seriousness acknowledging the fact that their final performances in the curriculum texts were important when grading them.

When your communication was ineffective and you were unsuccessful in conveying a messages of influencing others.Task

To effectively enumerate reasons why there are assumptions exists in curriculums


The assignment was supposed to be inclusive of an assumptions that exists in curriculum structures and their expected implications on the learners. Unfortunately the research done concerning this subtopic was poorly done bringing forth unclear statements that made little or no sense. There was also need for citation which wasnt done appropriately. In short the poorly done research work lead to a poorly done presentation. I also exhibited lack of confidence during my presentation.


As a result, I ended up getting below average score on the research paper due to statements that were considered unfinished. Presentation which played a huge part in the overall score, was also considered poorly done summing up to a score that I did not like.

When I was effective in demonstrating competence in the area chosen and achieved a successful outcome


Facing challenges teaching advanced literature curriculum to leaners who had no prior knowledge of basic skills about a subject.


To ensure that a group of learners have the ability to communicate effectively both writing and speaking in the language that has been dictated.


To ensure that the learners do not have a hard time learning the foreign language, I decided to brief them with introductions of the curriculum that are read in less advanced stages. This also meant I needed to increase my teaching lessons and use a lot of related materials to make learning easier and fun.


It was amazing to see students get to easily understand context of the subject that I was teaching although they were unfamiliar to it. More students passed in cats and texts and as a result I was able to create a generation that could easily communicate and write in French.

When I was ineffective and unsuccessful in achieving the desire outcome.Situation.Understanding the concept of objectives that are set when teaching a certain curriculum.Task.To be able to use the set objectives in line with what I was teaching as a away of ensuring a cover fully the curriculum in question.


I choose not follow the objectives to the letter which would have acted as perfect guides during my tutoring classes. This would also have ensured that I leave no information that is vital to the learners.


Although my class did averagely well considering their performance, I did not fully deliver my obligation of ensuring that the curriculum was thoroughly done. Some of the objectives that I did not adhere to would have in one way or another have heled sharpened the skills of those that I was responsible for teaching.

When I was effective in demonstrating competence in the area chosen and achieved a successful outcome.


Class play to ensure learning was fun.

Task.Joining hands with learners working hand in hand with them to ensure I get appropriate characters to play different parts. Setting up props and sets using for the play.Action

It was my responsibility to ensure that we work together as a team which proved faster. I was able to get excellent characters for the play and we also made costumes that we required together. It became a lot easier directing the play and all in all become an activist that proved fun to do as a class.


It was a win-win situation with completing our set objectives of the curriculum and learners had the chance of getting a new out of class experience.

When I was ineffective and unsuccessful in achieving the desired outcome.

Group work for my literature class in the university.Task

To complete the assignment as a group which would be evaluated and used to come up with the final grade in the subject.Action

We acted like total failures with insufficient research works in the group assignments. We also did not take the project with the seriousness it deserved. What we did not understand was that group work assessment was part and parcel of the curriculum.


We definitely did not score very well in the group work. Although we had well performed in individual text, our group work lowered our final grade. Clearly group work was supposed to be well thought of and taken seriously and not for granted.

Short reflection on this exercise.It became clear to me that the power to do well or fail is totally in my hands. It was also an important thing to note that with the good use of my skills in conjunction with hard work and dedication I was able to do excellently even under pressure. Moreover it did not matter how good your skills in a certain activity are, Failure could be realized if tasks are not taken with the seriousness they deserve.

30 Second Commercial


Hello, thank you for having name is

David Lukeman .Key strengths

most recent position or role

I currently working as literature tutor at an education institution.

Recent achievement which am proud

I am a proud instructor having graduated quite a good number of literature student, recently being recognized and awarded the best in the institution.

key responsibilities and accountabilities

As a lecture, I have to ensure students are taught according to t...

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