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61 Essay Sample on Classical Criminology: An 18th-Century Legal Reform Philosophy 62 Paper Example on Religion: Plato's Euthyphro and Its Relevance for Society 63 Socrates & Euthyphro: What Is Piety? - Essay Sample
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64 Essay Example: The Shape of the Earth: Could It Be Spherical or Flat? 65 Oil and Gas: Growing Demand & Safety Concerns - Essay Sample 66 Evolution of Applied Sociology & Sociological Stance - Essay Sample 67 Ancient Chinese Philosophy in Modern World - Free Paper Example 68 Karl Marx and the Social Economic Conditions - Free Essay Sample 69 Free Book Review Sample on Religious Studies 70 Foucault & Butler: Power & Performativity in Social Governance - Essay Sample 71 Essay Sample. Underpinning Philosophy in Nursing 72 Epistemology: Empiricism vs. Rationalism Debate - Essay Sample 73 Privacy policies - the company has faced allegations stating that its overuse of privacy policies enables it to withhold vital client information. 74 Essay on Immanuel Kant: German Philosopher, Father of Modern Philosophy 75 Free Essay Sample: Is Life Worth Living? 76 Paper Sample: Comparing Judaism to the Social Work Philosophy of Loneliness 77 Free Essay Sample on Contrasting Assumptions of Classical and Positive Criminology 78 Paper Sample: A Marketing Strategy of a Coffee Business 79 Unit 2 Project Management Life Cycle Critique 80 A Thoughtful Exploration of Integral Philosophy, Stages of Awareness, and the Meaning of a Good Life - Essay Sample

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