Free Essay with the Case Study of International Organization Media Company

Published: 2022-03-11
Free Essay with the Case Study of International Organization Media Company
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Red Bull is a global organization that draws its massive success from well-stipulated marketing strategies that in this case significantly entail the use of media platforms and campaigns. For over 28 years, Red Bull has "given wings" to its consumers, a move that significantly enhanced the sales to a level of making over 60 billion sales globally. It is also with unwavering focus on brand building and straightforwardness that Red Bull surfaced the way for the official media campaign with a marketing puzzle afore the summer triumph.

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With the aim to boost awareness of their brand, Red Bull's initiated an Instagram campaign that got centered on enhancing sales as well as the recognition of their new tropical flavored summer edition energy drink. In this campaign, to reach a massive audience, Red Bull assimilated a new look for their cans alongside incorporating yellow filters across a variety of videos and images that in this case aimed at portraying the typical summer days. This move turned out successful mainly because the brand became associated with the "#thissummer" hashtag that kept Red Bull on top of its competitors.

The vast market for campaigns that get launched for instance on social media is notably powerful. It is through having a better understanding of how consumers utilize social paths that Red Bull attained the leverage from the robust social media platform. For instance, in this case, Red Bull took its campaigns to social media specifically on Instagram and primarily by taking advantage of using the summer hashtag hence bringing along new consumers as well as boosting total sales.

What is social media changing the way we communicate? What hasn't changed?

Social media today has undoubtedly transformed our communication means for example by creating new opportunities for brands by bringing personality back to the digital world. The current social media users' stands at 2.8 billion users worldwide an aspect that has significantly changed the way we communicate. One of the ways through which social media has changed the way we communicate is by crafting the sense of urgency and a need to share. Social media platforms, therefore, create a way for people to frequently share and update content with their friends with little effort. Another way through which social media has changed the way we communicate is by providing the aptitude to broadcast live moments that are for instance advantageous when it comes to marketing whereby current and potential consumers are engaged in real-time events.

Social media has also changed the way we communicate by making it possible to share full stories rather than highlights. Social media platforms have also brought change to the way we communicate by providing a detailed perspective of numerous places around the world. This change makes it easier to gain concepts regarding other places and their way of life, an aspect that significantly contributes to the marketing sector especially in addressing and meeting particular needs vis-a-vis any given company's products.

Ethical challenges a company may face in social media and how to alleviate them.

Several companies today rely on social media platforms for marketing purposes. It, however, comes along with distinct challenges, for instance, maintaining brand reputation is one of the significant problems that companies face. Social media executives, for example, are entitled to the social media responsibility task significantly by holding the entire brand's reputation in their hands hence simple mistakes risk destroying a company's reputation. It is therefore vital for companies using social media platforms to develop well-defined rules pertaining content uploaded on social media to maintain brand reputation.

Another challenge for companies using social media is ensuring consistency especially when it comes to creating content that reflects brand personality and values. Therefore instead of focusing on self-promotion on social media, companies should seek to maintain consistency in line with the values and goals of the organization since it also encourages conversation that consecutively keeps the audience engaged. Resolving issues raised on social media platforms is another challenging task that companies face when it comes to crafting the appropriate responses that maintain the brand's reputation. Social media strategists, therefore, are entitled to always resolve issues by initially taking the time to plan on the proper response rather than giving immediate and defensive reactions for instance when it comes to critical issues raised on social media.

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