Free Essay Sample. Cancer of the Brain

Published: 2023-01-13
Free Essay Sample. Cancer of the Brain
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Cancer is a disease that can develop anywhere in the body, there are different types of cancer and below is a brief description of cancer of the brain, its causes, symptoms and treatment. Cancer of the brain is a disease caused by the sudden increase of cancer cells in the brain tissue (Jermyn et al., 2015). When the cancer cells grow, they accumulate and cause a tumor in the brain which interferes with the functioning of the brain such as memory and muscle control. The paper explores how the tumor tends to occupy and destroy the tissue of the brain by putting pressure on the nearby tissue hence blocking the average circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid in the spaces within the brain.

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There are two types of brain tumor, malignant tumor, which is composed of cancer cells and benign tumors, which consist of noncancerous cells. No one knows exactly what causes the cancer of the brain, there are some risk factors that might cause brain tumor they include Ionizing radiation: this are radiations from x-rays such as those from big machines that usually aims at the head, ionizing radiation can cause damage of the cell hence resulting to a tumor (Jermyn et al., 2015). Family history is another factor: though it is rare to find a family that has a history of a brain tumor only few might be found with such conditions.

Signs and Symptoms

Many signs relate to brain cancer; the Symptoms vary depending on the location of the tumor, age of the patient, health history and to the extent the tumor has grown. The symptoms usually occur when a tumor presses on a nerve and damages a specific part of the brain. When the tumor grows, it causes the brain to swell, and it prevents the fluid that flows around the brain, thus creating pressure on the head. Also, the symptom is influenced by the part that the tumor has occurred. For example, if the tumor occurs near an optic nerve, the patient will experience a vision problem. If it occurs in front of the brain, one will have difficulty to concentrate and think. Other signs of brain cancer are a headache, hearing loss, memory loss, seizures, and unexplained tiredness. So if one experiences one of those signs, it is advisable to consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Diagnostic Test

Diagnosis usually helps to predict the treatment of a disease. So Neurosurgeon is the one who diagnoses a brain tumor through a neurologic exam. A patient has to undergo several tests like Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI), Biopsy, and spinal tap. MRI is a large machine containing a strong magnet that is connected to a computer; it helps to provide clear images of the tumor. It is done depending on the patient's choice. A biopsy is a situation where the tissues are removed so as determine the tumor cells (Jiang et al., 2016). Through biopsy tissue changes that may lead to cancer are determined, and it is usually done to determine the tumor type and grade, and also the kind of diagnosis to plan treatment.


There are many ways where brain cancer can be treated; they include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. But the choice depends mainly on the grade and type of the brain tumor, the location of the tumor, its size, age, and the health of the patient in general.

Surgery: surgery is always considered as the first treatment for brain cancer; doctors may decide to remove the tumor to prevent further growth carefully.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a common way of treating cancer; this treatment is used to treat high-grade brain cancer.

Radiation therapy: This is a cancer treatment whereby the heat destroys brain tumor cells. By doing so, the symptoms caused by the tumor are relieved.


When a patient is diagnosed with brain cancer, the doctors will inform the patient how likely the treatment will be successful, but they can't tell the patient the exact duration of time that they can survive (Jiang et al., 2016). The survival rates of cancer patients are always estimated; they are usually based on the previous outcome from the number of people who had the disease.

Complications and Incidence

The brain is in charge of almost 98% of what the body does (Jiang et al., 2016). They include Vision, hearing, speech and as the brain cancer grows it controls and damages this area, which leads to further complications. The doctors will help you manage the problem as well as getting the treatment. Some complications might occur during the surgery of the brain there can be expected, and the unexpected complications that might require immediate attention. The symptoms of complication include redness of the incision, headaches, vomiting and fever also swallowing may occur after the surgery, but they are usually temporary.


When a person is diagnosed with cancer in the brain it completely changes a person's everyday lifestyle. It changes because of the symptoms that come with brain tumor. The illness has major effect on the patient as well as the family members. People are advised to be going for regular checkups so that cases of brain tumors can be detected early. Also programs to educate patients and community members should be introduced so that preventive measures can be taken into consideration.


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