Free Essay: Can We Afford This Project?

Published: 2023-04-09
Free Essay: Can We Afford This Project?
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Mathematics has been greatly used to solve major of our lives problems. In the Paleolithic era, the Ishango bone -a fibula of a baboon found in the Congo might have been something like a numerical Rosetta stone .Considering that Mathematics was used by our early fathers and grandfathers. Mathematical reasoning has been used to logically think through mathematical problems and most importantly make decisions that will have a positive effect on us now and in the future considering our below project of which I will term it an investment, it will involve us calculating the cost of renovating a room and the Quantity of materials to be used considering no leftovers left .Mathematical reasoning will assist us to come up with one single conclusion and solution.

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For our case scenario, we will be considering renovating our old house with wall paper fittings. The cost of painting to putting wallpapers is cheaper by 60%.Since if we calculate the cost of painting the house a bedsitter with only four walls ,considering the wall has lengths 150 cm and widths 200cm for all sides this means that our room is a square. .Since Every decision made will also incur a cost we will have made .We will consider putting wallpapers in the room and, purpose for wallpaper is that considering the room being commercial/residential where the owner does not reside in the building yearly but considers renting it out on Airbnb on summer we will have to choose Wallpapers over painting. It will cost us 2000USD to paint the four walls as compared to placing wallpapers which will cost us 3100USD.

Adding wallpapers to the room will be a value added to the room considering wallpapers fitting to be more expensive to paint the room. But considering that we are trying to economize our available resources and since this is an investment in the long run, wallpaper fitting will be the best decision for now. The reason for this mathematical reasoning is that according to statistics Airbnb will make profits in the future due to the sharing economy and putting wallpapers on the room will be an additional proposition to it thus if renting it out on Airbnb we will Incur a cost now which will be later on be paid in the future by charging more on rent.

The cost of paint is 22 USD per 2 liter on Amazon and the room will take up to 72 liters.The 72-liter calculations was found by applying the concept of Area and perimeter of the walls. Considering the area of each wall is 30000cm squared and two liters of paint can only apply 10,342cm squared. Each wall has to be applied paint in three layers. Undercoat, finisher and finishing. The wallpaper will cost us more on the labor considering it more of a technical job in doing the work. The cost of the wallpapers according to the Amazon website is expensive to Alibaba since On Amazon we buy it at retail price while on Alibaba we buy it in wholesale price The wallpaper are measured in meters and by calculation a meter of wallpaper would cost us 40USD plus logistics. The advantage of wallpaper to paint is that since we are buying in terms of meter we will ensure no leftovers and the labor applied maximum utilized.

Since the majority of our calculations were more virtual than real according to our rationality if we decided to paint the room it would incur us more cost than even wallpapering the room.Here is the case,since we will be buying the liter of paints in 2 liter there is no actual way we could save on paint, therefore, leftover has to be left and since there might be spillages due to the carelessness of the laborers. Also painting the room will make us buy cover material to prevent the floor from being spilled over with pain plus brushes which we will not end up using them after the painting process is over. Despite paint having a low labor price as compared to wallpaper which is double the cost of labour.The actual cost of putting wallpapers will be too high in the short run since we will require labor which seems to be more expensive than the products themselves. Also considering that we made a decision to outsource materials from Alibaba China this made it to even more cheaper.

We were able to calculate the perimeter and the area of the walls to get the actual square space the wall occupy and found to be 150cm multiplied by 200cm for the width to give us 30000 centimeters squared and also we had to calculate the cost it takes for a liter of paint to cover the wall space. We also went ahead to check out the cost on wallpapers on major retail stores on the web such as amazon and Alibaba and found that although Amazon seems to be close their prices are not friendly therefore we had to outsource them from Alibaba.

Our decision majorly was most influenced by the Time value of money and the data we received from the phocus journal in that housing costs might tend to go up in the future thereby we decided to invest in wallpapers though expensive but in the future, there will be greater Returns on Investment.


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