Business Dilemma Case Study

Published: 2024-01-29
Business Dilemma Case Study
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The characterization of business strategy (method) is a long-term approach of measures and treatments designed to complete a particular class or objective of goals or goals (Zokaei). This business strategy infers to management's scheme for improving the business performance. It clarifies and describes how any business has to be led and shown to complete the looked for objectives. Likewise, in the specified case study, the CEO is outlining a small business strategy for the upcoming five years (Zokaei). As the company within the fourth year faced problems in acquiring better deals owning to less competency and competitive industry. In order to better fight in the industry with opponents and also to reach clients in big, it chooses to check long-lasting sustainability by involving other businesses for financial support. This aspect creates changing business ownership from a sole proprietorship to shareholders' seventy-five percent shares in the company.

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The investors have finally a bit more control over the business and also appointed the company owner as CEO of the venture and wanting him to obtain greater than fifteen percent profitability amount annually (Zokaei). Just in case the company is going to be unable to fulfill this expectation and objective of shareholders, they will change him out of the regular management of business he began. This aspect will make a significant matter of endangering the business continuity in long run. Ultimately., all of the investors have come abroad totally complying with the business' objective and vision, and several believe profitability is of utmost importance, which may be demanded CEO to compromise ideals for benefit eventually in time (Zokaei). It takes a company strategy that keeps shareholders satisfied and also boosts the output (profitability). The CEO thinks that the company should be environmentally friendly as well as promote an optimistic interpersonal influence. This extra business strategy is going to make additional expenses, which positioned the profitability anticipated by the investors at risk. Thus, a sustainable business strategy with goals plus stakeholders' expectations is necessary to convince it will be the best option for the business.

The five major parts for creating a plan that can help support the company comprise core values, key performance indicators (KPI), a vision of the business, clearly defined outcomes, and accountability (Aras 44). KPI infers to some quantifiable measure (factor) utilized to look at the accomplishment of a business. Usually, a company is going to require increasing the productivity of its (profits) such they offer a good go back to the stakeholders. At this stage, the CEO is questioned for a 5-year strategic plan that is cost-effective at a similar instance, environmentally friendly consequently that the stakeholders aren't disappointed (Aras 44). The CEO thus has to construct a "sustainable business strategy/plan" (Aras 45).

A sustainable business is different, which makes benefit for its investors while protecting the planet and improves the survival of all those with whom it cooperates. Companies with alternative designs in the long run benefit e.g. building consumer loyalty and improved profitability that conversely results in more product sales and additional profits. The CEO then must construct the plans thinking about the following: Clear business vision and built ethical business practices to accomplish the company vision (Aras 44). The CEO should frame corporate policies in such a fashion that it works so that its commercial advantages and interests of the culture and earth interact. A sustainable company stands an excellent opportunity of being more successful tomorrow as compared it's at present and long-lasting successful, not just for few months as well as some years, nonetheless, for many years and future eras (Aras 49).

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