Free Essay on the Birdsong Story by Chimamanda

Published: 2017-11-24
Free Essay on the Birdsong Story by Chimamanda
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Respect, Disrespect, and Self-Respect on “Birdsong” By Chimamanda

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Tentative Thesis

The businessman has respect for his family in that he goes ahead on notifying the narrator that he has a family residing in the United States. Disrespect, on the other hand, is seen when on a fateful afternoon while caught in traffic in Lagos, the narrator assumes that the woman in the other car is the wife to the man she is in love with hence ended up insulting her. Unlike the narrator, since the woman in the other car has self-respect, she ignores the narrator and tells her driver to drive away.

Another Tentative Thesis

Factors such a gender, class, material possession and marital status plays a vital role in the story as well. The use of gender shows that men have power over the women because according to the story, the businessman does not care the fact that the narrator is in love with him. Class and material possession have been used to differentiate the rich and the poor. The way the narrator describes the woman she confronted shows that indeed the woman was wealthy because she was riding in a jeep.

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