Behaviour and Culture of Retail Management - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-19
Behaviour and Culture of Retail Management - Free Essay Example
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Research findings affect knowledge purposes as they either reinforce the existing theories by offering support to their arguments or oppose their results. Various disciplines conduct research to know how former researchers' models can be practiced and applied in multiple fields to solve current problems (Tappen, 2016). A research study introduces and describes a theory by giving an explanation of how the research problem being studied came into existence. An example is the Operations Strategy Matrix which is developmental to aid of entities in making proper operational choices on supply network, capacity, and technological advancement in an organization. The expected findings in this model are the better chances for the organization interested in making improved decisions that will reduce the expected risks and set conscious operational decisions. The theory further motivates attention to the aspects of success and puts the directed recommendations to work.

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On the other hand, Porter’s five forces model offers a perfect intervention to analyze business competition in various entities by determining intensity and attractiveness in an industries’ profitability results (Mahapatra, 2017). Culture on research is clearly depicted in line with social classes and sub-culture where they are particularly significant on influencing the buyers’ behavior on different products. Cultures are diverse in demographics, language and the nature of talks from one person to the other depending on the aspect of speech leading to the productive output to many entities which set the values to follow. An incite from the differences has led to a drastic change in consumer behavior all over across cultures and sub-cultures. Culture is majorly defined of a total of the learned and acquired beliefs and customs that are meant control the consumer behavior to the buyers in a particular environment. The effect of culture is more basic and natural that its results on one’s behavior can only be noted at a close range supervision.

With the analysis that is done on an entity, the business owners can make choices and decisions. The options are based on the outcome of how to improve their operations. Having existing competition on a particular commodity, the theory narrows down on how to major on retaining competitive advantage and overcome the existing market forces (Hazen et al. 2018). Research on the behaviour and culture of retail management is meant to solve competition among business entities by giving outstanding approaches that are a perfect intervention to ease the competition pressure. The paper aids in creating a competitive advantage to organizations by the persistent use of strategic planning.


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