Essay Sample on Become a Theorist: Academic Education and Practical Experience

Published: 2023-09-12
Essay Sample on Become a Theorist: Academic Education and Practical Experience
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A theorist observes different world phenomena and uses reasoning to come up with facts that offer possible practical ideas. The ideas must be empirically proven; therefore, theorist devotes their time trying to prove their ideas since their research can be disputed. According to Harambam and Aupers, there are two ways one can become a theorist (2017). The first and most effective way for one to become a theorist is through academic education. In this method, individuals go through formal schooling where they learn theory development and construction in psychology from professionals. The second method is through an informal education setting where individuals learn theory development and construction, mainly through the identification of articles in general psychology journals. The materials provide insights that are helpful for theorist in training.

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What is Theory?

A theory is a set of principles that are meant to explain various facts and life events. The laws are founded on a related assumption on the subject. The suggestions help create several possible hypotheses that can be tested. Therefore, the suggested interpretations have to be proven to qualify them as the truth. Thus, personality theory involves a pattern of behaviors, attitudes, and attributes that develop in an individual. Sadr notes that certain aspects contribute to the development of our personality (2016). Such aspects include; agreeableness, openness, neuroticism, extraversion, and conscientiousness.

The Agreeable Aspect

The agreeable aspect manifests itself in an individual behavior on how they demonstrate sympathy, consideration, and warmness. An individual who is very empathetic and shows concern tends to be positive-minded and score high than the selfish and less empathetic individuals. Since, they manipulate situations to suit their desire and are always in competition Nørgaard and Klemmensen, (2019). However, individuals who develop a good personality tend to lead a harmonious life through cooperation and trust of the people around them.

The Openness Aspect

The aspect describes an open-minded individual who is imaginative and generally will enjoy trying new things. Therefore, a person develops traits such as imagination, artistic, intellect, adventure, liberalism, and emotionality, the key to personality development. On the other hand, closed-minded individuals are resistant to change and prefer routines.

The Neuroticism Aspect

The neuroticism aspect involves emotional stability. The character seeks to describe how people develop personalities through their ability to remain emotionally balance and stable when faced with a challenge since emotions affect an individual's ability to think clearly.

The Extraversion Aspect

The extraversion aspect describes people's social attitudes. Individuals with an outgoing personality tend to enjoy making friends and attending social events. These individuals are more enthusiastic about life and are more action-oriented compared to those who prefer to stay by themselves. The introverts are less energetic and love a quiet environment.

The Conscientiousness Aspect

The aspect defines how people control, direct, and regulate their impulses. Therefore, the conscientiousness aspect develops personality through self-discipline as individuals tend to follow a plan and avoid acting on the excitement of the moment. However, individuals who lack this trait lose focus quickly and always fail to succeed since they don't follow a plan.

Application of Personality Theory

I will use the description of the right behavior and traits in personality theory and compare them to my own to check whether Am healthy or if I need help. Therefore, I believe all aspects of personality theory fits. Besides, I like the theory since it gives a clear idea of my strengths and weakness, which empowers me to make the right choices that transform me into a better human being.


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