Essay Sample on Balancing School and Life: Quality of life Self-Care Plan

Published: 2023-10-09
Essay Sample on Balancing School and Life: Quality of life Self-Care Plan
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Balancing school and life is essential in the development of one’s self-care plan. Both school and life are interdependent, and it is hard to develop one side while neglecting the other. Having a balanced life requires a person to concentrate on other things such as school (Crozier-Durham, 2007). The school assists one in gaining essential skills, but one should also focus on health. Poor health will hinder one’s performance in school, among the areas that are my strengths, which I scored highly, including career, health, passion, and finance.

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When it comes to my career, I am usually pushed to attain knowledge and new skills. I have set my professional goals and working hard on achieving them. That gives me a passionate trait since I live my life based on the desires and dreams that I want to attain. I align my financial needs based on what I can afford. Exercise is part of my daily routine. I eat healthy food and do regular physical activities.

The low scores that need further development include personal development, environment together with rest, and recreation. When it comes to giving others emotional support and having meaning through a spiritual life, I tend to lag. Also, I have a general awareness of the environment. As for rest and leisure, my passion does not allow me to rest much of the time. I am motivated to work hard at all times, especially in schoolwork.

There are various strategies that can assist a learner in maximizing his or her strength. The two approaches I believe will go a long way for me is establishing boundaries and making time for myself. Establishing boundaries will allow me to have realistic limits on what to do at home and school (Thompson, 2018). The boundaries set will let me commit to my career, healthy activities, passion, and finance. Set time and location will allow me to learn at school, exercise at the gym, and relax at home.

All the activities will be undertaken at a specific time. The second strategy requires that I set time for myself. Setting time for myself will allow me to become more creative, passionate, and rejuvenated to work on my career and health. Making time for myself will let me recollect myself and work on areas I felt I was lagging. By working on my errors, I will improve on my strengths.

In the areas that require development such as personal development, environment, and rest and recreation, the perfect strategy to use is the practice strategy and talking to people one trusts (Baca, 2017). Through talking to people I trust, I would ensure personal share issues that affect me and ask ways to improve myself. For instance, I will ask them to assist me with ideas of interacting with people around me.

Also, I will ask on ways of improving my environment. People who we trust always ensure that we do the right things and undertake actions that go a long way in enhancing our well-being. A practice strategy is an essential act that allows the development of weaknesses a person possesses. I will practice resting for 8 hours a day. Practises require a person to repeat the activities many times to create a routine to develop low areas in one’s performance. Before forming a habit, these activities are usually hard to undertake.


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