Paper Example. Audience Addressed and Audience Invoked

Published: 2023-09-28
Paper Example. Audience Addressed and Audience Invoked
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The act of communication that will be described in this case is the process of assigning papers to students, and the feedback that is given by a teacher after marking the papers. The audience addressed in this set covers the real-life people and actual persons involved in discourse reading. Students manage to write for an audience (teacher). The writers are expected to adapt their discourse to ensure that they are meeting the expectations and needs of the audience addressed. As a tutor, I must invoke the students and engage them in an oral communication process. The invoking process I have employed over the years has relied on the choice of assignments that I select and the constraints raised.

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How the Invoked Differ from the Audience Addressed

In the oral communication process that I use to invoke the learners, I manage to get immediate feedback, and this offers a chance to modify the message based on the way that it is given. The audience involved in this case is quite different from the addressed personnel. When the writers (audience involved) are working on the assignments, they work in a vacuum with no feedback given when managing the assignments.

The audience invoked have to follow what the teacher is stating to the letter, and they work based on the instructions given by a tutor. The audience invoked have to learn the way to expand a paragraph and clarify points to the audience addressed. The invoked cannot rely on their experiences, and they are not allowed to apply their thinking when making statements to the addressed, and this makes writing to become meaningless according to them. They are supposed to develop a style that a tutor states, they are supposed to address them, and doing well is associated with pleasing the audience addressed. It is an indication that creativity and rhetorical strategies do not exist.

The Way They Differ

The audience addressed differs from the invoked in that the invoked seeks on finding ways of proving to the addressed that they have mastered the training process that is offered to them. The difference between the audience invoked and addressed emanates from the fact that the invoked is expected to learn from the addressed. The invoked is in a position of ignorance and must seek knowledge from the addressed. Therefore, the audience invoked success can only be realized by working on the measures highlighted by the addressed audience, and this involves learning their writing style and ways of thinking.

The way that a given group handles the message being passed across and responds to it is what dictates the difference between the invoked and addressed audiences. The addressed has a chance to questions the choices raised and even ensure that they are changed if there is a possibility that they will not raise the desired effect.

Rhetorical Choices

The rhetorical choices that would have been applied in this case include relying on epizeuxis procedure, which will include emphasizing a certain issue on the training process. There is a possibility that the audience involved will not raise any question; it will accept the information given and work on understanding it as highlighted. However, the audience addressed will likely raise counter-arguments despite the emphasis made on particular statements. The elements of openness and creativity will ensure that the various personnel is involved in the exchange of information will respond based on the position that they hold in the communication process.

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