Free Essay Sample: Associates in Avionics Technology

Published: 2019-06-12
Free Essay Sample: Associates in Avionics Technology
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The program referred to associates in avionics technology is offered to persons who are interested in joining the aviation industry. The innovative academic inculcates the students with the necessary skills and abilities to be gainfully employed as an avionics technician. Modern airplanes are extremely complex and dynamic machines with many parts that must function extreme conditions for the planes to operate safely and efficiently. An avionics technician, therefore, is charged with the duty of keeping the aircraft in peak operating state, consistently perform scheduled maintenance of the plane and ensure that standards laid out by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are fully satisfied. The importance of an avionics technician has placed a high demand for individuals having its qualification in the aviation industry and the military.

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Avionics associate degree program provides academic instructions to students aimed at imparting key aviation technology concepts. Some common courses include; Electric circuits, Pulse and digital systems, Radar components, Navigation systems, Autopilot controls and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. The avoinics courses will train the students to work efficiently with cockpit instruments like for instance; radar, communications systems, navigation systems and appreciate the autopilot systems. The associate degree program also instructs students on proper ways of installing, calibrating, testing and repairing electronic equipment on the airplane. To appreciate the program fully students are not only taught in class but also experience hands-on practice in the field.

The program was preferred because of an earlier experience in the aviation field. Understanding how a plane that is an assembly of many parts could fly like a bird for over 1000miles and safely reach its destination was an intriguing question that boggles my mind. The ultimate driving force behind my desire to know every part of a plane, every nook, and cranny, and discern how these parts interrelate to defy the laws of gravity. I opted for the course because of the variety of career options it portends in todays world. There exist variety of avionics specialization careers key among them; an avionics technician or an avionics installer or an avionics tester or an avionics systems interrogation specialist or more rewarding an avionics manager. The statistics about the absorption rate of the students into the employment arena is simply impressive. Holders of this program are also being offered a good salary, with an annual average of about $60,000 and an hourly average of $29 according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Another added advantage to studying the avionics degree associate program is that students are allowed to pursue a bachelors degree program in aviation maintenance management, or they can opt to pursue aerospace engineering. To be absorbed in the market one would require to be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or have solid proof of military experience. Thus, the program prepares a student for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification.

My career expectations after studying the associates degree in avionics would be to get the necessary accreditation from the relevant aviation oversight authority that is, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The program also horns my skills in a range of fields in the aviation industry. Another expectation is that the course will boost my employability status and place it will place me into a gainful rewarding employment. Another expectation will be to discern finally the passionately intriguing questions that airplanes have always posed. This knowledge may confer a promotion in ranks if I maybe enrolled in the military, something am yearning for.

The future looks brighter for a holder of these associate degree program. Employment opportunities are massive all over the world with rewarding incomes. The holder avionics could also form or establish his consultancy firm to offer aviation solutions and employ other qualified and competent avionics technicians. Another room for the avionics holders if they so desire could enroll for further study that may lead them to become qualified pilots. The holders may in future also pursue a bachelors degree program in aviation maintenance management, or they can opt to pursue aerospace engineering and become more relevant in the aviation industry.

The course typically takes two years but for someone with prior military aviation training the course is reduced to a maximum of one year. Therefore in a years time the associate degree program would have been completed, and now my efforts for searching for accreditation from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would begin. Upon completion, one will also be a viable candidate to enroll for a bachelors degree in a related field in aviation

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