Aspects of Computing: How Computers have Changed Traveling - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-16
Aspects of Computing: How Computers have Changed Traveling - Essay Sample
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Computers have changed the world immensely. They have made sectors such as traveling convenient and easy. Computers have achieved these impacts in the traveling field by easing tasks such as; faster and suitable methods of flight booking and booking of accommodation through various agencies such as Airbnb. Traditionally, these tasks used to take days to complete, but now individuals can do them within minutes. Before the age of computers, these tasks were made manually hence time-consuming and costly and many inconveniences. Therefore, it is evident that computers have significantly impacted Traveling; thus, it is hard to imagine how it would be without computers and its associated technology since it has become an integral part of human lives. Travelling has considerably evolved due to the introduction of computers. Traditionally, people used to be hesitant to travel since the whole process looked too much trouble. Planning trips was a time-consuming procedure; thus, individuals had difficulties finding time to properly plan trips since the ticket booking and accommodation were a real struggle. This paper aims at how computing and its associated technology have changed the traveling sector through advancements in buying travel tickets and bookings such as through advancements like Airbnb.

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Easy Flight Booking

Computers have enabled people to book flights and accommodations and all the desired activities within a short period and with less hustle. The computer internet has made it possible for people to find the preferred flights as well as accommodations. People do not have to print tickets or even accommodation reservations since they have the option of e-tickets, mobile check-ins, and prior booking. This saves a person trouble carrying many documents and helps in saving a lot of paper. Computers have made it possible for persons to better their packing routine. Traditionally, packing was always challenging since forgetting an essential item used to ruin the trip or journey. However, in the modern world, computer technology has allowed people to squeeze a lot of things without having to worry about weight limits and without having to be worried about forgetting anything.


Airbnb is a holiday rental online marketplace that offers arrangements for accommodation, homestays, lodgings, and tourism experiences. Airbnb has been facilitated by the invention of computers and the internet hence making the traveling experience easy and convenient. Computers have enabled better Airbnb online experiences since now people can interact via live video sessions. These services allow the expert host online interactions, therefore, becoming a great way to connect with individuals worldwide. Compared to the traditional way which involved in-person experiences, online experiences meet the quality standards with ease and comfort of the involved parties. Various benefits are associated with Airbnb. It enhances the local flavor. Through Airbnb, travelers can access cultured areas. Real homes reflect on the region they are situated in. In many standard hotel rooms, travelers would not have such cultural experiences. Those traveling in foreign areas can encounter hospitable hosts who can give insider knowledge. The hosts involved in this undertaking have an enormous understanding of the region, such as the best restaurants and the fun activities that visiting individuals may wish to engage in.

From the discussion, it is evident that computers have positively impacted traveling through the easing of flight bookings and accommodation. Individuals Traveling can book flights of their choice quickly and conveniently since all these services can be accessed through the computer. In modern times, computer technology has eased the people's process to plan trips as it saves time and enables effective planning. Currently, numerous platforms give people accommodation and flight options perfect for the requirements and the budget set for traveling. Therefore, computers ease the booking of accommodation through platforms such as Airbnb.

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