Appreciating Life - Essay Example for Students

Published: 2022-06-06 18:51:37
Appreciating Life - Essay Example for Students
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Life is a package of experiences accompanied by positive and negative likes that have same probability and the likelihood of occurrences. The living is full of same Ups and downs. Sometimes happiness and we are filled with laughter and thrills. Other times the hearts burst with acute agony and the tears exude as they cover eyelids. Successes and failures, all are useless. It matters how you perceive every bit of experience at stake. A positive attitude scatters all clouds and gives peace of mind. A lousy day brings experience while a good day brings joy. Appreciate life the way it is, how it comes, through twists and oscillations, every phase and amplitude. Remain optimistic and resilient, you are on a journey called life.

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Celebrate yourself and enjoy every moment you get at every moment. Assume all is well for yourself and everyone else. Find enough time to relax, to explore, and to appreciate the bustle of the outside world. Everywhere in our planet holds breathtaking beauty to satisfy every heart's desire. Go for it, observe, learn, practice and enjoy. Go to the river and dance to the tunes of the rushing water. Swim in the rhythm of the turbulences, echoes, and ripples. Get into the waters, deep in the midst of the mass and smell the perfumes of the millions of the molecules. Experience the electrifying effect of the flat water as you feel good at home.

Appreciate life, you, friends and people, the known and the unknown. Speak with them, chat, make jokes, and enjoy a few light kisses, embraces, and handshakes. Make many more friends every day. Be funny, smile, grin and laugh. It keeps you younger and stronger, beautiful, and attractive. That is awesome. You made it better for your taste, just for your own sake. You become more confident, stronger, competent, admirable and fantastic, full of health, strength, and power (Whitman, Walt. Song of Myself, 2017). Keep yourself busy with the things which kindle your interest. The desire to grow and develop continuously depends on the mentality, technicality, economically, physicality and spirituality. Start a business and fail to learn from your mistakes. Stand up and move on. Life belongs to those who break the rules and create new ones. Always dare to make many mistakes and gain experience from them. Practice in your field of interest, partner with the wise folks and learn with determination until you become perfect and competent. That translates into the all-time insurmountable sagacity.

Remember that human wants are always insatiable, be content with what you already have and aspire to make it better each day. Life is only sweet to the grateful souls. Take a break and appreciate your body for the tireless work. Eat and drink and be full. Enjoy with friends; you could not make it without them. While alone, you could just put a faint smile but together you can grin. Accept others just the way they are (Whitman, Walt. Song of Myself, 2017). No discrimination, no victimization. Have a caring, listening ear. Adopt the fancied indifference of the man or woman whom you love. All our efforts are usually done with one aim of appreciating life. Situations may knock at your door anytime, whether lack of money, depressions or the exaltations, these are like the swollen river which subsides after some time. They hit and enter with neither appointment nor invitation, and leave in the same fashion. They are not you or any part of you either. Greater things will follow soon, the fantastic experiences which erase any memorable moments. That is life, in all its radiance seeking for appreciation. Take it and turn it into lemonade. Give it a fruity taste and appreciate its sweetness. You are more than a conqueror vested with all the due capabilities and the inbuilt potentials to push, withstand and grab every opportunity that comes your way.

Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Your attitudes well shaped with a more stable mindset which soars beyond the reach of the unscrupulous mediocrity. Build an utmost good faith with your associates making much use of every opportunity. Moreover, be confident in what you do knowing that it is your source of ultimate success and excellence. Keep on upgrading your knowledge, skills, and values. Be true to your faith. Acknowledging God in your life is a significant determinant of the direction your life takes. Worry less, rejoice more. Things are better when you are in control of every bit of your circumstances. You will stand a better chance to appreciate the beauty of association through expressing love to your brothers, sisters, lovers and anyone else you interact in our day to day activities of life. Pay attention to the constructive exhortations, being open minded to accommodate any challenges. It is sometimes fascinating seeing some of the mysteries of life. There are diverse capabilities, skills, and characteristics in nature's exorbitant life. Generally, no man is an island; we complement each other here and there. An individual may be perfectly competent in some field, better than others. However, we still rely on others to accomplish the other sections in life. The lion, for example, is not the fastest animal in the jungle; the cheetah is. Elephants are significant, the hare is cunning and the hippopotamus fearsome, yet the lion remains the king of the forest. That is the nature of life.

Among nature's numerous choices, it is good to have your stand, defined by your working principles. You already have the potential. The most ordinary, most accessible, cheapest and nearest thing is you. The life's basic go-getter is you and me. It comprises going for chances, spending resources for tremendous benefits, adorning you, not waiting for the opportunities but instead creating them. Miracles are everywhere around us. The acts of seeing, feeling and hearing are all miracles. Further your appetites and create a delicate experience of nature's bustle. Run through the puzzles, get lost and surface again and that is what we call being. It is the most exciting lesson life gives. Out of the life-shaping experiences, we get to understand both the letter and the spirit. Be at peace with yourself. God's guidance will always be at your disposal. Don't worry about death, life itself is the living of many deaths. In fact, we have unknowingly died ten thousand times before; it is beyond your understanding. Instead, appreciate life today and make maximum utilization of the opportunities around you. Tomorrow will take care of itself, and no amount of worries will ever bring any significant effect to what awaits in future.

Despite the acute challenges of life, every one of us was born with a very high potential to develop and maintain a high resilience to remain optimistic (Whitman, Walt. Song of Myself, 2017). On its own, this might not be a better solution to our problems, but it keeps us focused on the better opportunities we expect in the future. We should not be enslaved by the stressful past experiences. Notably, it is better to appreciate the whole life process, focusing on the most beautiful sides of life we have experienced.

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