Applied Business Data Analytics - Personal Statement Essay Sample

Published: 2022-08-23
Applied Business Data Analytics - Personal Statement Essay Sample
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My inspiration to pursue a graduate degree in Applied Business Data Analytics Program emanates from my strong desire to serve the community. The program offered by Boston University presents a unique and rare opportunity for me to gain critical knowledge and skills. I intend to capitalize on this opening to develop a deeper understanding of the world of business and analytics. I plan to utilize the insight in formulating solutions to present-day problems through data processing. Considering the vast resources available to Boston University students, I am confident that this chance will shape me into a wholesome character. The program will significantly advance my career and empower me to influence efficient business decision-making.

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My academic background has significantly influenced my choice of Applied Business Data Analytics. Despite encountering many obstacles along my education journey, I have managed to attain the necessary entry requirements into the program. Whereas my social upbringing confines many young men to practical courses, my determination to succeed in business has always kept me motivated. Thus, I have successfully juggled between jobs and school.

The journey has been quite enlightening, and my enthusiasm for business continues to grow. I have attained qualifications in Associate of Business Administration, Applied Mathematics, and a Bachelor's degree in Finance & Economics. I also passed licensure exams for the finance, securities, and property industries. Besides, the exposure and insight from forums such as the Global Asset Management Education conference encouraged me to pursue a graduate degree in the Applied Business Data Analytics program. I believe that these programs have prepared me adequately for the course.

Throughout my study period, I have undertaken various jobs to acquire basic business skills. The roles I have played in different enterprises have been instrumental in shaping my understanding of the business world. Previously, I have worked as an assistant kitchen manager and as a cost accounting assistant, handling a variety of data. The experience made me realize the value of the raw data in decision making. Currently, I serve as a financial consultant and insurance specialist at the Hantz Group. My job description entails conducting client analysis and operating analytical software on databases. I also work in liaison with other departments and staff to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations. I aspire to improve my competencies and career prospects through the program. My goal is to head the company's analytics team and facilitate accurate data analysis to enhance client satisfaction.

Undeniably, my busy working schedule had an impact on my GPA score. However, I believe that I make up for the difference through the amount of work experience I have gained. I attribute my performance to the sacrifices I have had to make to sustain my academic journey. Studying and working at the same time was a distraction that had a slight effect on my general academic results. I intend to avoid a similar performance during my graduate program by establishing a work schedule that does not infringe on my study time. I am committed to attaining an impeccable record that will favor future career and academic endeavors.

I firmly believe that a graduate degree in Applied Business Data Analytics will equip me with essential skills that will increase my career prospects and steer my career path. I am driven towards community service and improving the lives of others. Thus, the degree will enhance my ability to ensure consumer and employee satisfaction as well as operational efficiency in my workplace. Through Boston University's vast resources and adequate professional instructors, I believe I can form meaningful networks that will guide my career path. Thus, I look forward to an insightful academic journey and growth under the guidance of proficient facilitators.

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