Apple's Venture into TV Shows, Essay Sample for Everyone

Published: 2022-03-09
Apple's Venture into TV Shows, Essay Sample for Everyone
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Apple Inc. launched a plan to venture into TV shows, a different industry from which the corporation is known. Its first show was the Carpool Karaoke which was released in August 2017. The show featured celebrities cracking jokes as they drove around Los Angeles (Shaw, 2017). Despite the show having been delayed for editing and improving it, its performance was not remarkable. However, the poor performance did not stop Apple's ambitions to venture into the showbiz business. The company has laid down strategies on how to execute the plan and eventually reap from it.

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One of the strategies that Apple has is regarding overcoming competition. As it is, there are other giant corporations in the show business that are already established such as Netflix and HBO who have released shows that have become hits. Apple does not plan to compete with these brands on such shows. It aims at having its shows complementing those of other networks and streaming services that are already being watched by consumers on Apple devices (Shaw, 2017). As such, Apple is focusing on comedies and emotional dramas that have a broad appeal. This is to bring about a different component to the nudity, raw language, and violent that seems to be the usual on many TV shows on cable or streaming services. The choice of shows will give Apple an edge if done properly.

Another strategy is on the customers being targeted for these shows. To start with, the company targets everyone with an Apple device for its first projects. The shows will be viewed on Apple's TV app on the devices. Since some of the devices such as iPhones and iPads also often fall into the hands of children, Apple does not want these kids catching inappropriate content, and this explains their choice of comedies and emotional dramas. Additionally, Apple targets a global audience. Morgan Wandell, an Inc. executive, was hired to oversee international division (Shaw, 2017). Jay Hunt was also hired to oversee the development of the industry in Europe.

The preferences of Apple on the showbiz business has been a little different from many of the other companies in the industry. The comedy and emotional drama segments that it is venturing into is not an area that is highly exploited. The company, through its CEO Tom Cook plans to increase its focus on iTunes and Apple Music to boost sales, a move that is expected to yield double revenue by 2020, to about $50 billion. As earlier mentioned, the company prefers to complement shows of the other networks rather than compete with them.

The strategies adopted by Apple are likely to see the company succeed in the TV show industry. First, the selection of the shows they want to produce is wise since comedies and emotional drama is an area that has not been exploited exhaustively especially by the giants in the industry like Netflix. Additionally, Apple will focus on those shows that attract a broad appeal. This gives Apple an edge and a space to win an audience if they produce good content. Secondly, the company has set aside funds amounting to $1 billion for 2018 meant to drive its first initiative.

Third, there is a competent team that has been hired to oversee the development of the project. The team includes former heads of Sony Corporation's TV studio Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg. These two men have outstanding reputations in their career, especially in the production of Breaking Bad. The team also comprises of marketers, executives, and publicists to fill out in their divisions. These people are professionals some of whom have been involved in the production of some of the best shows. Marketers will ensure that the shows are highly publicized to avoid failures witnessed with the past shows that Apple had produced.

Another factor that will act to the advantage of Apple is their already established brand in the market. They already have devices which have been highly adopted by consumers worldwide (Rothaermel, 2015). Apple plans to release the shows through these devices since they have apps that support the process. The shows will be suitable for an Apple store. This means that they will be saved the costs of sites for their shows and these funds can be transferred to other departments to further the same agenda. Finally, the planning of the project goes all the way to 2020, and this will give the company ample time to assess the performance and make changes where necessary.

In summary, Apple's venture into TV shows is an attempt that will have to be articulately implemented if it has to stand the test of time. The choice of the content to the comedies and emotional drama segments that have a broad appeal can be a positive factor which will yield the company from the excessive competition. The one billion dollar funding coupled with the team hired to execute the development is likely to see the project succeed.


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