Essay Sample on An HR Podcast, "Covid-19"

Published: 2023-05-18
Essay Sample on An HR Podcast, "Covid-19"
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This write-up covers a reflection on an HR podcast titled, "COVID-19 Preparedness." The interviewer's name is Laurie Ruettimann. She is known for dishing out vast knowledge on her blog, Punk Rock HR. The interviewee is Lorna Borenstein, the founder and CEO of Grokker. The two professionals possess extensive experience in the fields of specialization. Laurie began her HR corporate career in 1995 and has been in the area for over a decade. She is also a writer podcaster, as well as a speaker (Ruettiman, 2019). She was driven by frustration out of the heartbreak she received throughout her career. She is now dedicated to the mission of educating leaders on the best HR practices that empower and support employees profoundly. Lorna is a veteran when it comes to the internet. She had over a decade of experience at eBay Inc. The professional founded Grokker after retiring from her career as a road warrior (Human Capital Institute, 2019). She is transforming how employees and entrepreneurs stay healthy through her delivery of online videos on wellness. She has held various executive roles at Yahoo and other corporations.

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The topic under discussion is preparedness for the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced people to shelter in their homes. The women talk about how people can maintain their wellness while at home. Individuals lack adequate sleep as they worry about the effects of the pandemic on critical issues such as health, safety, and the economy. The topic applies to HR for MGT 431 or Strategic HR for MGT 538 because it touches on employees' welfare as well as ways in which HR managers can ensure employees work remotely while staying healthy and safe. It emphasizes resources from Grokker that have been availed to millions of persons worldwide (Ruettimann, 2020). The resources will enable employees, business owners, and others to learn ways of maintaining health in terms of physical fitness, sleep, psychological health, financial wellness, as well as nutrition. Takeaways from the podcast include the fact that tech companies can combine efforts to enable employees from other firms to work remotely by providing a platform similar to that of Grokker. They can offer wellness content-free as a means of helping to keep the population healthy and productive (Ruettimann, 2020). Two, Persons need to create new routines that will replace their routines. Three, employers can engage their employees through virtual stretch breaks and exercises. The podcast series is worth recommending to HR Pros in the future because it educates human resources leaders on ways to ensure the health and safety of employees in times of crisis. It will enable them to establish an infrastructure that can facilitate remote work when the need arises.


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