American History Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-28 19:22:55
American History Essay Example
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Entry 1

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Annexation of Hawaii

The United States annexed the Hawaiian Islands in 1898 following the ratification an annexation treaty by the Senate. The treaty had been introduced by President Benjamin Harrison the previous year but failed. The decision of the US government to take over control of Hawaii came from the need to mitigate chaos that had been going on the island. The Hawaiian Patriotic League resisted the US government occupation because they feared that they would lose their lands and plantations. The entry of the American businessmen into Hawaii had been formalized through a treaty signed by its last King Kalakaua who was then intimidated and stripped of executive power. The annexation of Hawaii by the United State resulted in Queen Liliuokalani renouncing power through amending the declaration between the two states on 19 the December 1898.Hawaii was then recognized as a territory then a state of the United States.

Entry 2

Inauguration and Assassination of James Garfield

In 1881 March 4th, the 20th President of the US, James Abram Garfield took office after winning the elections on a Republican ticket. He had served nine times in the House of Representatives and had been elected to the Senate before his race to the White House. Garfield served as the president for a few months and was killed by an assassin, who was later identified as Charles Guiteau on 2nd July 1881 in Washington D.C., and later died in Elberton, New Jersey. Guiteau's motive for killing Garfield was later established to be political revenge. Garfield body was buried at Cleveland's Lake View Cemetery, and his memorials were erected across the country in addition to a postage stamp in his honor.

Entry 3

Assassination John F. Kennedy

President John F.Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas while on a presidential motorcade on November 22, 1963.He was in the company of his wife, Jacqueline and John Connaly the then Texas Governor with his wife Nellie.Intrestingly, Governor Connaly survived with non fatal injuries. An investigation carried out for ten months was merged with a lot of controversies later revealing that Lee Harvey Oswald; a former U.S marine was the assassinator and acted solely. The assassination sparked outrage and stunned reactions worldwide perhaps because of the incident taking place during the cold war. There have also been lots of conspiracy theories some stating the involvement of the CIA, the Mafia and also Vice President Johnson. John F.Kennedy was offered a state funeral which was held in Washington, D.C.

Entry 4

World War II

Although this war never took place on the United States soil, they were forced to join the war with when Pearl Harbor was hit. Almost every family was affected given that the fighter troops comprised of tens of millions of people. Though the country was in the war for hardly half a decade, it brought a lot of impacts are still evident today.

The lives of those who engaged in war drastically changed when they returned home after the war the economy of the country had grown because the war had not brought any damage to the US, so it rose to become a dominant player in the economy of the world.

This made the country to be viewed in a different kind of way, because it is now a military power to reckon in the globe. Hence, it was established at the top of other countries of the world.

Entry 5

The Vietnam War

Up to date the participation of the United States the Vietnam War has proved to be very controversial. The reason for its involvement was to stop socialism which was gaining root across the country. This issue of communism was due to the wrong decisions that were made worldwide. The then president of the US, Kennedy opposed the idea of joining the war and the interest of the United States in Asian disputes. The Vietnam war resulted to the communist governments from taking power from in Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam. By the end of 1975, the United State had removed most of its troops following the Paris Peace Accords between U.S Secretary of State and Foreign Minister for North Vietnam. Other countries involved in the war included the Soviet Union and Peoples Republic of China.

Entry 6

9/11 Attacks

The September 11, 2002, terrorist attack on the world trading center and the Pentagon marked a turning point in the US political history. In response, America began the fight against terrorism and surrounded Afghanistan to gain control over the militant group, Al-Qaeda. The aftermath of the attacks was merged with immediate response to avert the further death of casualties and evade the situation. What follows was an increased hate crime against the Muslin religion which mainly targeted Sikhs. The 9/11 attacks were denounced worldwide with leaders in Most Middle East countries and Afghanistan reproving the attacks. From the time of the attack, America implemented different policies notably Trump's migration policies to safeguard itself from the invasion of terrorist.

Entry 7

Death of Osama Bin Laden

The fall of Osama Bin Laden by the hand of the American military forces was an important occurrence in the US political history signifying winning the war against terrorism. Osama Bin Laden was killed on May 2, 201 1 through a gunshot wound in Pakistan. The United States Navy Seals undertook the operation and to be successful. The aftermath of Bin Laden's death marked an important milestone in combating the Al-Qaeda since they had lost an influential leader. The Al-Qaeda has since been combated and cannot execute terrorism attacks worldwide.

Entry 8

U.S Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In 1945, as World War II was ending, the US detonated two nuclear bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing at least 129,000 people and leaving devastating effects which are still being experienced currently in Japan. The United States denoted the bomb following the approval of the United Kingdom under the Quebec agreement. The war resulted to the surrender of Japan from the war on August 9th 1945 with divesting effects on its population This marked the end of using nuclear weapons in wars due to its uncalled for effects over humanity; Several memorials have been erected in this cities to show support to the killed civilians after Nagasaki and Hiroshima were rebuilt.

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