Amazon: A Leading Global Tech Company With Proven Performance

Published: 2023-10-13
Amazon: A Leading Global Tech Company With Proven Performance
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Introduction Inc. is an American multinational online business located in Seattle with services mainly in digital streaming, cloud computing, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. Competitively, Amazon is one of the best technological-based organization with a massive and consistently growing target market. The company's ability to understand the requirements of its consumers, proper planning, consistent satisfaction of set objectives, and delivering quality products on time helped support the company's growth and increase in profit. Therefore, due to Amazon's business growth, there is a need for an increase in network contentment by employing more individuals to work in warehouses to fasten shipping services to customers. Before hiring personnel, it is critical to schedule a hiring plan so that one can employ the best candidate for the position. The fulltime job that currently requires filling is that of a warehouse supervisor. In this context, while focusing and planning to recruit a warehouse supervisor, legal issues to consider are present together with recruitment and selection plans to act as a guide in the process.

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The Legal Landscape

The legal landscape involves sections recognized by individuals engaged in supporting the essence of people's environment and their expressions through shared cultural and natural heritage together with their personality or self-identification. The presence of the legal landscape calls for the need to provide services while ensuring they match the quality of life individuals deserve (Kappes et al., 2018). Besides, while ensuring that the legal landscape provided/supported by Amazon is of excellent quality to include the identities of individuals while respecting their cultural backgrounds, it is vital to take heed of the applicable special legal topics. Advertising non-discriminatory positions is a special law to consider during the recruiting and staffing process. The BC Human Rights Code: Discrimination in employment advertisements identifies that while planning to hire individuals, it is illegal to publish employment postings while proving preference to sex, age, gender, race, sexual orientation, marital and familial status, political beliefs, skin color, together with physical/mental disabilities. The Discrimination in employment advertisement rules applies even during the job interview. When one has information about an interviewee, instead of inquiring about personal questions such as their disability, one should ask from the references. Other legal considerations are in line with the ethical considerations governing Amazon Company. For instance, not altering the job description, only advertising existing positions, not asking candidates to pay for their services, and not altering an interviewee's resume are ethics to consider (Isidore, 2013). While drafting a job description and the contract terms, it is crucial first to examine the wage disclosure laws and the conditions necessary in the compensation of workers together with the benefits packages that they qualify for their alignment.

Recruiting Plan for a Warehouse Supervisor

Recruiting involves identifying vacancies in an organization, check the requirements for the job, going through applications, screening, shortlisting, and choosing the most suitable candidate in alignment with the elements necessary to qualify for the position. The recruiting process is vital to change the performance and growth trajectory in an organization; for instance, Amazon Incorporation (Roy & Charaborti, 2017). First of all, through the recruitment process, the company can identify the current and upcoming needs; hence, find the most suitable resolutions in due time. Also, through the process, the company can denote the requirements for the job position; thus, finding a suitable candidate for the set position fast since underqualified applicants are easily detected.

There are specific tools to utilize to find candidates for filling the warehouse supervisor position. When dealing with Amazon Inc. since it is a technological company, the tools applied include online forums, Skype, LinkedIn, and meetups. Online forums as a tool help in the provision of knowledge on a particular niche, that is, one associated with Amazon Company. In case one associates with individuals with similar interests as themselves in an online forum, it can be easy to identify individuals suitable in the role a company wants to fill. An online discussion is part of the selected since it connects an organization with a wide range of individuals (Isidore, 2013). Skype allows for successful communication when dealing with a potential candidate who stays away from the company's primary situation. Despite using Skype not being traditional, face to face communication is possible; thus, saves cost and time because Skype is free. Due to using this tool, a company can employ an individual or ask them to come to the organization for the deal's finalization. LinkedIn, as an online platform, is a tool that supports the building of connections by posting job advertisements, promotes Amazon, and helps look for suitable candidates for given positions (Kappes et al., 2018). Meetups, as a device, supports the physical gathering of individuals as long as their skills match the desired requirements. Upon meeting with candidates applying for a warehouse supervisor position, it is easy to access whether they are suitable for the job.

Selection Plan for a Warehouse Supervisor

Staffing involves recruiting individuals by ascertaining their eligibility through performing an analysis on their knowledge and skills. Afterwards, the job allocation needs to match the required roles (Isidore, 2013). The process of looking for individuals matching the current job position in the company. For excellent maximization of their abilities triggers the satisfaction of their roles in the company. Assessments help identify the means of achieving positive results by gathering and discussing ideas. Assessing data at Amazon before the recruiting process will be a success due to the use of formative and summative types of assessment. The application of the formative and summative assessment types is vital since it is easy to identify how someone is learning then later denote what one learned. These two types of assessments help identify areas that need work on and records the progress over time, increasing chances for more growth. The interviewing techniques applied at Amazon in the selection plan determine the type of individuals that the company will choose as their representatives in given positions. When using interviewing techniques, it is essential to ensure they help understand who an individual is as a leader and their qualifications as a warehouse supervisor (Roy & Charaborti, 2017). Therefore, these techniques include implementing positivity, having set objectives, ask questions when well-framed, and selling one's skills depending on the requirements of the company. There are interview questions compatible with individuals depending on the position one applied. Some five job-specific interview questions for the warehouse supervisor candidates are below.

  • How will you handle an employee who always underachieves?
  • Can you describe your management skills?
  • Why do you think that you are an excellent person for this position?
  • Have you worked in a warehouse before? If so, what does it demand?
  • What are the three most important things individuals have to attribute while working in a warehouse?


In summary, Amazon is one of the best organizations with a significant target market, and its profits increasing overtime consistently. The growth of the Amazon business indicated a vast need to add more personnel in various positions. For instance, for faster and safer delivery of products, there needs to be a good supervisor guiding employees on the best measures to take. Besides, since the delivery of goods probed the need of more warehouses for the packaging and arrangement, Amazon needs to hire more warehouse supervisors. The legal elements in play need considerations for the protection of the company and its consumers. Also, before recruiting individuals as warehouse supervisors, setting out a recruiting plan guided to identify the best applicant for the position. Besides, through a selection plan, Amazon recruiting officials can denote if the most appealing applicant is the best for the warehouse supervisory job.


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