Alternative Ending of Brave New World - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-13
Alternative Ending of Brave New World - Free Essay Example
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John was so excited as he walked out of Mustapha Mond's office, happy that now he was no longer "Savage." He knew this was an opportunity, the opportunity he was waiting for all his life. This was the chance he had to win the trust and hearts of people, who previously had fawned and hated him, especially Lenina. He was now determined more than before. As he walked down the corridor, he met Bernard and Helmholtz. This site brought back fears and sorrow into his life. These were the last moments they were going to share. They had been great friends for the little time spent after John came back to the reservation. At this juncture, John, Helmholtz, and Bernard decided to go to the local pub and have their last moments before the journey of Bernard and Helmholtz began.

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John shares his experiences on the reservation, and Bernard and Helmholtz are determined to bring a change. While still thinking, an idea jerked into Helmholtz, for an elope, before their banning flight occurred. Everything happened so first. Despite the hatred between him and Lenina, John called her for help, then he would explain later. Lenina was familiar with the rockets and, therefore, would be of assistance. Helmholtz planned that he and Bernard escape into another island, different from what Mustapha was preparing for them. They could have enough space and time to engineer a rescue plan for the citizens of the world state. Lenina hesitantly came to help, they escaped past the security guards in the rocket rooms and managed to get inside. The rockets took off, causing an alarm.

Soon after, Lenina and John are captured and locked down, ready to be burnt down. Mustapha knew, however, that this was not a good idea as Bernard and Helmholtz were very intelligent and if not found soon, might succeed in creating of technologies to dis-harm all the citizens of World State from the illusions they had been cloned in and thus restore a state like the reservation. Lenina and John were the only ones who could reveal where they had gone to. Signals were sent, warning Bernard and Helmholtz to return lest Lenina and John be burnt beyond recognition, as the penance of the world New State. Lenina and John were locked up in a dungeon, two cells facing each other. They had seven days to their execution.

During this time, John narrated to Lenina everything, including why he did what he did, his experiences in the reservation, how learning French, and Germany was not a bad thing. Old age was appreciated and that it was not the wrong thing to love one person and commit to them. John explained the beauty of marriage, having a family, and how awesome it was. He said that being sad was not a bad thing, as it all depended on one's perception and encouraged unity and being there for others. Lenina was so moved by this and wished that he knew this earlier. She longed for freedom, not only for herself but for all the families, especially the Beta.

On the island, Bernard and Helmholtz finalized the research they had been doing back in the world state. They successfully developed an anti-soma agent and also another antidote, which would alter the states of the Citizens of World State. They began their rescue mission, of going back. The purpose was to spray the antidote into the air, and once inheld, the people would be enlightened and wake up from the insomnia of happiness and illusion created. They would be rebellious to Mustapha.

The journey did not take so long; however, towards arriving at London, they encounter buffer places against them. Then, Bernard remembered the free button Lenina had shown him. They came just when Lenina and John were being executed, with the crowds cheering. They sprayed the antipode, and the entire atmosphere changed, and people became enlightened. Mustapha was fought, and John and Lenina freed. After the death of Mustapha, John is elected the new president, with Bernard and Helmholtz being the primary assistance in the government. The play ends with a premium wedding between Lenina and John, who later give birth to a newborn son, named Freedom.


The World State, in essence, lacked freedom as people's decisions, and life was decided by how Mustapha wanted it. This explained why John wanted to bring this change. In the book, Bernard and Helmholtz are sent to another island as a threat to the World State in bringing change. The books end in a way where John does not find the truth he was looking for; neither does Bernard and Helmholtz achieve their discoveries and bringing a change. It shows that reality is consensus and constrained to society. In this case, an individual cannot achieve freedom for others, making rescue missions an impossibility. This shows that even in the current world, which is depicted as reservation in the book. Therefore, the new ending undoes this limitation and brings a hope that, like all other dystopias, they always come to a tragic end, and the world bounces back to how it is supposed to be naturally. A place where victory and failure are embraced and nothing is made more accessible.

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