Allegory Writing Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-30
Allegory Writing Essay Example
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Life has a lot of things to teach us. Those who can attest to this statement can confirm that most of the times, for one to succeed, he or she needs the help and advice of others. Nonetheless, there are those who have adopted egotistic and self-righteous attitudes, which make them believe that they are too smart, or accomplished to humble themselves at any time. Normally, most individuals who possess such traits end up regretting in the long run once they realize that they were not as careful as they thought. This paper gives the story of a group of young men who suffered a similar fate.

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When Keith, Dave, and Pierce first discovered their ability to dance, they were small children. Like many other performing artists, they grew up watching Dancing stars perform on TV shows and concert events. Although each of them grew up in a different neighborhood, their fates were sealed when they joined high school. During the schools first cultural event and talent show, they each had individual chances to display their talent. The judges were as pleased as each of them was with the skills of the other. As the old saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together. It was only natural that the three boys would find common ground, which were their unique dancing skills. Within no time, they had formed a dancing group, which became the talk of the school and the community as well. What they did not realize is that they had innate personality traits, which were set to manifest themselves when the time came.

During their senior year in high school, Keith got into trouble after he got violent with a substitute teacher. Given his background, it was only a matter of time before his violent character became an issue. The issue with the substitute teacher did not work out so well for him. It escalated into a serious disciplinary matter and as a result, Keith was denied his football scholarship, which meant he would have to pay for college. As for Pierce and Dave, they were not a group of clever students as such even compare to Keith. They also had devious and egotistic attitudes which made them believe they did not have to listen to anyones thoughts especially if it was related to their performance or dancing potential. For them, they were already on top of the world with their current school celebrity status.

During their senior year, a new student joined their class after his former school was closed down due to failure to meet national standards. The young man, named Will was quite good at math and practically anything else related to academics, He also played football and was very talented in fine arts. He presented the intellectual and admirable character. During the schools annual cultural event, Will technically stole the limelight from the famous dancers by participating in a math contest and presenting his breath-taking drawing. Pierce and Dave were not pleased with the newcomers sudden rise to fame in their school. Due to jealousy, they started harassing him and mocking his dream of becoming a graphics designer. On the other hand, Keith had developed a liking for Will because he also liked his skills on the field. However, he knew that his loyalty lay with his friends in the dance group. Furthermore, he was counting on their growth into professional dancers to get out of his college dilemma.

After the graduation, for many, it was a time to rest but for the three dancers, it was a time to make a name for themselves. During this free period, they decided to move up the ladder and into professional status by displaying their dancing skills in several on-stage performances and dance competitions. The amount of hard work and dedication they were putting into their dancing career paid off at one of the dancing competitions when they made it into the final stage. In the course of the dancing competition, the dancers were supposed to use a variety of items and creative skills. During the final stage, however, they were required to use the skills of professional screeners to create animations on the screens behind them to complement their performance. They were supposed to do this to push a message or make the show more interesting.

This new endeavor proposed a new challenge for the three dancers because having come all this way; they could not imagine how they would manage to procure the skills of a graphics designer. Having come all this way was in itself a miracle because they were competing amongst groups of experienced dancers. Unlike them, they had not yet made enough savings even to purchase they own costumes. They had partly relied on their parents for transport and food money but even then seeking their parents help, they could manage to raise enough money to secure the services of a graphics designer. It was at this point that Keith reminded them of Will. He told them that they had been in touch and that Will was assisting his uncle at his art shop. This realization seemed so real to them they did not hesitate to seek Wills help. However, when they identified Wills address, they learned that they were already too late since he left with his uncle for Europe to help him with a concert.

Due to their pride and ignorance, the three had to learn the hard way about appreciating others and treating them with equal respect because we never really know the value of something or someone in our lives until we lose it.

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