Arts Critique Essay Example

Published: 2022-09-12
Arts Critique Essay Example
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The arts represent the work done by Maria V. The arts signifies among other artistical work which she settled for upon pursuing photography, painting and media studies at Columbus College. Columbus is an Art and Design College located in Ohio. The title of the work is Paintings and photography. Maria did the arts at the time he had the thoughts of preparing for her degree course in the same discipline of painting and photography. The work is a reflection of her inspiration in the field of arts. As exploited in her writings, she was determined and passionate in creating textures and molding with paints to please her own eyes. Thus this depicts how much she was overtaken in the paintings and digital media work. These exhibitions, however, took place at TWU in Austin, a college she was by then pursuing her MFA in paintings and photography.

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Maria's artwork denotes aspects of drawings, sculpture images, 3D diagrams, and media photographs. For example, one of the pictures is a representation of flower drawings on the walls. Another represents a copy of the printed photograph of clouds, plants and general ground view accompanied by writing illustrations. On the other hand, there is a representation of the drawings on the walls depicting Images of the cactus plant, geographical; drawings of rocks and soils. Another work of Maria is a mixed media of cropped images representation under one frame. The artwork here is a combination of small photographs of the human image, houses, mountain, and dry land with dry trees. Notably, this cropped frame tends to reflect Maria's thought as it can be perceived that the image cropped staring at the dry land is her image. At the top of this frame are images of tall building, electricity wires and other appliances. Beside it is a cropped mountain and solar image reflecting light.

The photographs and paintings of Maria tend to reflect certain situations in life. As exploited by the cropped photograph, human image is shown staring at the neighboring dry land in disbelief. This symbolizes how life calamities strike certain areas. The top picture with a nice building and electric lights also reflect lands of hope. Therefore Maria is trying to create a mindful comparison of life situations in different societies via photographs and paintings. As noted in one of the printed photograph accompanied by words expressions, Maria's work is full of memories representing thoughts to the viewers thereby visualizing the continuity of various phenomenons in different regions within the society. Maria intentionally tries to create an opportunity for the viewers via her images, photographs, and drawings to conceptualize various life experiences.

From Maia's photographs and paintings which were presented as cropped pictures, 3D diagrams and paintings on the walls, I am much preoccupied with the frame consisting of cropped images with parts of paintings trying to denote the experiences within the society. The paintings in this context tend to capture my attention on how the illustration of the phenomenon can be made possible through the use of pictures, paintings, and photographs. To a great extent, the comparison created by the picture is admirable and lucrative. I wish to acknowledge the fact that being moved by the artistically represented the work of Maria. The work is inspiring and offers insights of possibly creating scenes via media aspects.


The essay exploited arts works of Maria which presents various thoughts and phenomenon via the use of pictures, paintings, photographs, and various drawings. Being a passionate artist, Maria having gained skills from various arts institutions, uses the opportunity to the viewers to visualize and conceptualize various experiences via arts works.

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